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Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

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Okay so I was shopping at Bath and Body Works yesterday when one of the sales people literally forced me to try out their brand new lip plumper stuff. Now I have seen these before at Sephora and Ulta and was half tempted to buy the Bid Fatty Lip Plumper that Urban Decay Makes. But I can't get past the fact that they cause some kind of reaction to make your lips bigger, is that even safe? I mean how safe is that?

At any rate as my lips began to burn and tingle I managed to remain calm. My lips did look fuller but too me the sensation wasn't worth it. Maybe I am a big wimp I dunno, but does anyone else think that these products aren't safe? It makes my lips tingle just thinking about it again! LOL
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I agree that it is strange, but the burning is (at least as it was explained to me, but I'm not a chemist or a medical practitioner) just a reaction to an oil like cinnamon that hurts because of its high concentration and because it is placed on your lips, which are sensitive. So it isn't an actual "allergic" reaction, it is just a semi-painful one. Over time, and exposure, they won't work as well.
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The problem I have w/most of them that make your lips tingle is they dry out my lips.

City Lips has a very nice one and it is more of a moisture adding lipgloss and they have a nighttreament one. It's not something that works right away. It takes a few works but I am here to tell you it does give your lips the moisture they need to look plump.
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I am a Lip Fusion addict. I use it everyday, and am not all that concerned, perhaps because with Lip Fusion I don't seem to get any of the tingly side-effects that come from other plumpers. Nor does it dry out my lips at all.
It also seems to be the best working plumper on the market (according to a number of reviews I've read). I can't wait to try the updated version- Lip Fusion XL.
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I just got the Sephora Professional Flash Lip Plumper and it's really great! Tingles like a mofo but makes my lips oh so Angelina-ed.
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I really like the UD big fatty lip plumper, it tastes nice and has a gold shimmer to it, it's really nice. It works best the first few times you use it, then the effects aren't as strong, but I still use mine everyday and love it!
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Originally Posted by Tonitra
I can't wait to try the updated version- Lip Fusion XL.
I've heard it really isn't that much more amazing and definitely not worth the extra $14. I'd definitely try a sample, though.
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Lip Venom is AMAZING !!! It has this cinnamon taste that is awesome ! It comes either clear or with a really nice glitter and tastes really good !
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yeah i dig lip venom... perfect for right before pics ...especially if its a dark pic
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I recieved my Lip Fusion XL...honestly I'm not sure how much of a difference there is from the original, probably only slightly. But I do like the texture of it a lot better-more like a gloss, and not so sticky. I use the two together (XL on in the morning, and then the regular throughout the day).
I am so addicted to Lip Fusion, it's sort of sad. The other day when I went out dancing with my friends, they were trying to convince me to leave my purse in the car so I wouldn't have to worry about watching it, but then I realized that I couldn't leave my Lip Fusion behind! Sad...
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I'm not too sure about the lip plumpers. It basically initiates a semi-inflammatory reaction where you get hyperemia (increased blood flow) in your lips for a while...basically like scratching your arm and getting a swelling. probably not too good to be doing it 24/7
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I totally reccomend DuWops lip venom, and Freeze 24/7s lip plumpers! They taste awesome, give a nice color, and they seem to work I always figured the tingle was a normal thing that plumpers do, because of the high concentration of cinnamon and stuff they put in them /shrug!
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I don't like them, I have used them before and they have made my lips permently plump, i used some cheapy rimmel one. I stay away from them now, because they could get even more bigger. Then my face would look werid, Because i already have big eyes, i don't want to have big lips too weird eww.
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

some of them acutally have chilli's in them..
the one from too faced does for sure.
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

I like the tingle...:|
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

Ohhh boy, does that Too Faced one wake you up!!! Lol! Once you get used to the tingle (or, should I say, light stinging!) your lips do get a bit puffier and more pigmented. If you want a tiny bit of the plumping effect without the big sting, the Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats line has plumping glosses that are very very mild. If you can find them they are less than $5 each now...
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

i loooove lip venom. my new favorite gloss! i already have kinda pouty lips so it just accentuates the colour and shape. its great, i am not sure if it would 'work miracles' for people with smaller lips.... but i know if i put a bit of neutral liner on them and then apply gloss its amazing! defiantly worth a try!
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

Here is a link you might find useful or interesting

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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

My favorite by far is City Lips... unfortunately I find it doesn't last long at all
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

Two Faced's Lip Plumper Extreme is scary.

I put some one and it really worked! But it smelled like sickeningly fake strawberries, and after about 5 minutes I couldn't stand it and went to wash it off with soap and a washcloth.

5 minutes later? My entrie lower jaw was bright red and inflamed just from being touched by the soap I used to remove the stuff. I needed to put cortisone cream on it and used a milk compress and it went away in about an hour. But that stuff is SCARY.
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

Lip Plumpers generally work by irritation. The agents most used in lip plumbers are cinnamon oil,wintergreen oil,and/or caspian pepper (yes,same stuff as in mace spray). They temporarily swell the lip by irritating the tissues. Lips are very vascular,and they are rich in nerve endings (why kissing is enjoyable).Because the concentration in nerve endings on lips are so plentiful you will feel a tingling or even sting or burn here more intensly than if you rubbed it on your arm. Fusion works differently. They have -according to their representitive-a special collagen delivery system. (microspheres of collagen).You can not overstretch your lips with lip plumpers, and I have not seen or heard of any longterm nerve damage to the lips due to these products.Naturally, everyone is going to have a different sensitivity level.
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Re: Lip Plumpers/Lip Safe?

wow, after trying the too faced extremely, none of the other lip plumpers feel like anything to me....

i find the mac plusglass line very enjoyable.

as far as the plumpers being safe....hmm..i hope so
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Lip gloss is a safe, natural and effective way to plump your lips without surgery. Different lip plumpers work in different ways. Some lip plumpers work by adding vitamins to the gloss enhancing blood flow to the area. Many lip plumping glosses use cinnamon to irritate the lips.

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The answer is they can make a temporary difference in how your lips look, but not as much as getting a filler injected by a doctor.It makes your lips seem just a little more bee-stung.many of the lip plumpers contain ingredients that help lips retain moisture.

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