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True or False! Let's get to know each other! - Page 295

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False! TNP has been sunburnt one too many times...

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False, i've always been a bit of a sundodger.


TNP hides recent purchases from there partner every now and again.

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TNP sleeps with their makeup on at least once a week.
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True... even though I know I shouldn't! Mostly nights where I collapse and fall asleep before I plan to and then have to move myself from the couch to the bed! :)


TNP is wears holiday manicures!

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The next person is obsessed with cleaning
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Next person is getting ready for work/school/college like they would if they were going out

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False!  I wish I was though!


The next person lives in high heels.

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False! I have wide feet so it is hard for me to find heels I can even bear for more than an hour.


The next person has already rented/bought The Hunger Games movie.

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False, I watched it in the cinemas though & I do have the books *bookworm alert* lol.


TNP is on a beauty ban! 

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False!!! Upkeeping ones appearance is a full time job hunny lol!!! TNP prefers getting their eyebrows threaded vs waxed...
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False...I've never actually tried threading.  TNP owns more MAC than any other brand of makeup.

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True.....the next person has a dog named alf
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False :) I don't currently have pets :(


TNP wears red lipstick all the time..

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False..I rarely wear lipsticks :(


TNP, loves to cook 

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the next person has a peircing in a secret place

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TNP has an exciting holiday plan this Christmas! 

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If you consider a hip reconstruction exciting, true! Actually, the idea of finally being pain free is exciting, so ignore the facetiousness and let's just go with true!


TNP has started their holiday shopping

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True, L'oreal Infallibles + Sigma Brushes = A very broke but happy ME yahoo.gif



TNP has been surfing in Hawaii.

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false!  I can't even swim!   TNP has bought themselves holiday gifts but not yet for anyone else!

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The next person couldn't live without Facebook.........
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ever since I found Specktra , I barely ever go on FB!!
the next person just got engaged
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TNP is a great cook!

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The next person is allergic to fur!

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False!! Thank god because I love my dog! 


TNP speaks Spanish.

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Semi-true I took it for 4 years but that was in HS and beginning of college so I'm not really sure how much I remember. Haha

TNP plays a sport.
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False! I dance or gym!


TNP has been hauling!

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