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just pink cabana and glamoursun.. bateau was the only other thing that really caught my eye and i'm fairly sure i have a REALLY similar colour on a revlon quad i got a long time ago
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Pink Cabana l/s
Glamoursun l/g
Summer Neutral e/s
Shell Pearl beauty powder

and I wanted the pigments SO bad but the MA forgot to get them when I gave her the list (I was at an event and one of the other MAs put some colors on my eyes and gave me a list.. it was so hectic) so I have to go back and get those.. I hope they're not all sold out I'm shocked that they're gone on the website already.. =T
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Here's my haulage:
Pink Cabana l/s (B2M)
Coppertime l/s (B2M)
Glamoursun l/g
Tres Cher! l/g
Summer Neutral e/s
In Living Pink e/s
Relaxing e/s
Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
Gold Dusk Pigment
Softwash Grey Pigment

Plus, from See Thru Colour, I got:
See Thru Cheek Colour in Subtle Hint
See Thru Lip Colour in Rose de Sheer
Lipgelee in Valentine's

I love the Sundressing collection! I got way more than I had planned to get. Ahh, satisfied (for now at least)
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I was not impressed at all by this collection!
I did get
Fountainbleu and Languish l/g
The rest of the collection was just bleh to me.
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I was having a bad day so I did some retail therapy. I will be having a worse day when the hubby see's my checkcard balance!! Our store (Nordie's) did get our Sundressing shipment!! So I had to share my love with 2 stores in the mall.

Fountainblue shadow
Softwash Grey Piggie
Gold Dusk Piggie
Sundressing l/s

2 Summerwear quads
Pointblack liner
Aqualine liner
Fuschia-ism liner
Blue Herizon liner
Peacocked glitterpencil

In Living Pink shadow
Coco Bar liner
Auto Orange liner
PowerPlum liner
Greenplay liner
Languish lipglass
Sunsparked Pearl b/p

Now i have to stop the madness!!
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I bought:

fountain blue e/s
in living pink e/s
relaxed e/s
bateau e/s
tres cher l/g
glamoursun l/g
shell pearl beauty powder
pink cabana l/s
sundressing l/s
coppertime l/s
softwash grey pigment


languish l/g
summer neutral e/s
apres sol l/s
sunsparked pearl beauty powder
gold dusk pigment
coco Bar liquidlast
auto Orange liquidlast
powerPlum liquidlast
greenplay liquidlast
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Apres Sol l/s
Gold Dusk pigment
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I like the look of the Sundressing collection, this is what I ordered:

Bateau, Fountainbleu & In Living Pink e/s
Apres Sol, Pink Cabana & Coppering l/s (even though like wattage am trying to avoid frost l/s)
Tres Cher & Glamoursun l/g - think I'd like Languish too but didn't order it

Coco Bar liquidlast liner (will get a few others later)

No pigments because I'm a klutz/lacking in skills when it comes to those! I don't mind though, keeps my MAC hauls cheaper...
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Ohmigoodness, i went crazy *lol* For some reason i didnt think it was going to be that much, i was a little shocked actually. I got...

Relaxing e/s
Summer Neutral e/s
In Living Pink e/s
Bateau e/s
Fountainbleu e/s
Sunsparked Pearl b/p
Gold Dusk pigment
Softwash Grey pigment(i didnt think i would like this,but it surprised me)
Tres Cher l/g
Glamoursun l/g (love)
C-thru l/g (im returning, i think my lips are too pigmented for it)
Sundressing l/s (love)
Apres Sol l/s (love)
Point Black liquidlast
Coco Bar liquidlast

I asked for Pink Cabana l/s, but i guess she forgot. And i knew there was another l/s i didnt see...Coppertime. I'll wait and see if i like it.
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Summer Neutral e/s
Fountainbleu e/s
Pink Cabana l/s
Shell Sparkel Beauty Powder
Softwash Grey Pigment
Gold Dusk Pigment
Glamoursun l/g
Tres Cher! l/g
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only got summer neutral e/s
shell pearl beauty powder
and that dark tan stuff mousse
(i cant even think of the proper name right im in work now but i love it)

I didnt want to go crazy but just wait til lure and bait, im gonna go CRAZY!!
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I ended up with Relaxing e/s and Tres Cher l/g, but just ordered In Living Pink and Summer Neutral e/s as well. I hope I'll like them. I was really disappointed in how Pink Cabana and Glamoursun looked on me. Not sure why but I guess they didn't work with my skin tone...they sure sounded like they would. Anyway, I also got Dress Khaki liquidlast liner and I LOVE the color on my green eyes! Now all I have to do is learn how to use liquid liner properly, lol.
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Nothing yet... Went This past Tues and Sundressing hasnt made it there, The girl told me it will be in Thursday. So i went back yesterday and it still wasnt there! Im going to smart this time and call to see if its in before i drive down there again for the 3rd time this week.

although both days i bought some stuff.

Tues Haul:
FACE: Golden Bronze Loose Powder
BLUSH: Fleur Powder
PIG: Pink Mauved
F/L: Non-Conformist

Thurs Haul
Face:Studio Fix Fx SPF
Brows: Spiked
E/S: Coppering

My list for Sundressing:

E/S: Summer Neutral
Pig:Softwash Grey
L/P: Tanarama
L/G: C thru
Beauty Powder-Shell Pearl
NON_ Sundressing:
Pro Lash
187 Brush
Strobe Cream
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got the two pigs. and bateu e/s
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I love the liquidlast! OMG,.. I am soo in love!

I got:

Shell Beauty Powder
Gold Dusk Pig
Sample Softwash Grey
Coppertime l/s (Back2Mac)
In living pink e/s
Blue Herizon
Auto Orange
Point Black
Pop Iris
Classic Cream
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i *just* got:

- pink cabana l/s
- glamoursun l/g
- gold dusk pigment
- summer neutral e/s

my list was longer than this, but the other things weren't what i imagined them to be.
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Fountainbleu Eye Shadow
Relaxing Eye Shadow
In Living Pink Eye Shadow
Summer Neutral Eye Shadow
Softwash Grey Pigment
Gold Dusk Pigment
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I bought:

In Living Pink Eye Shadow
Relaxing Eye Shadow
Bateau Eye Shadow
Dress Khaki

-Maybe it was the look that the MA did on my eyes but the In Living Pink & Relaxing shadows looked really frosty on me. Not sure if I really liked the shadows. Maybe it was applied too heavily.
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I bought ABSOLUTELY nothing from the Sundressing line

I went there with such high hopes and when I got there EVERYTHING looked so flat to me....even the pigs. The softwash grey was not what I expected AT ALL and the gold dusk was bleh IMO.

I actually came out with contrast e/s, steamy e/s, deep truth e/s and tanarama l/s.

I am going to the freestanding store after work for inspiration---maybe I was having an off day yesterday but I was really disappointed.....
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Tres Cher lipglass! The other stuff didn't really appeal to me.
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I love the soft neutrals of sundressing. I bought
In Living Pink
Summer Neutral
Softwash Grey
Gold Dusk sample (My MA is fabulous as this was a full sample jar!)
Dress Khaki liquidlast (definetly getting more of these)
and finally....SFF in NW15. I needed this!
I am really happy with everything this time. My first real haul since Lingerie and I love all the colors on me. Especially Summer Neutral with Dress Khaki. Pale girls with green eyes will fall in love!
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I got:

Bateau e/s
Summer Neutral e/s
Pink Cabana l/s
Glamoursun l/g
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I bought:
In Living Pink e/s.
Gold Dusk pigment.
SunSparked Pearl beauty powder.
Greenplay liquidlast liner.

I'm very happy with everything, although a little apprehensive about how application with the liquidlast will be. I think it might take awhile to get the hang of.
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Today at the store I got...

In Living Pink, Summerneutral, & Relaxing e/s, both pigments, Tres Cher l/g, Apres Sol l/s, and Auto Orange & Dress Khaki l/l liners. I also got Peacocked softsparkle eye pencil that I've been on the fence about since Sweetie Cake came out

And a few minutes ago I ordered the Y & Kei l/s & l/g from Mac.com! Yay me lol!
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MAC l/s Pink Cabana (love this already!)
MAC l/g Tres Cher
MAC e/s Summer Neutral
MAC Liquidlast liner in Fuchsia-ism
MAC pigment in Gold Dusk
MAC pigment in Softwash Grey
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Pink Cabana l/s
Coppertime l/s
Sundressing l/s
Tanarama l/s
C-Thru l/g
Glamoursun l/g
Bateau e/s
Gold Dusk pigment

...and I'm probably going to get the Softwash Grey pigment tomorrow.
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Well, not "so far," because I did all my Sundressing buying in one go. I got all the e/s (I didn't have any similar colors, so I was okay with getting them all), Gold Dusk pigment, and I B2M'ed Apres Sol. Such a great lipstick!
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I got both of the beauty powders

Glamoursun l/g
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What I've got So Far: Pink Cabana l/s
What I'm getting: Samples of both pigs, Tres Cher, Glamoursun, Relaxing, Bateau, Summer Neutral, Living Pink, and Shell Pearl
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I've got: Summer Neutral e/s, Summerwear quad (love this!), Softwash Grey pigment, Shell Pearl beauty powder, Sundressing l/s, Tres Cher! l/g.

I still want: Gold Dusk pigment.

I'm debating on: Glamoursun l/g, Pink Cabana l/s, In Living Pink e/s.
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