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urban decay vs mac

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are urban decay products compairable to mac - esp eyeshadows? ive only used their primer. (uD)
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I love both lines. They both specialize in unique and pigmented colours.
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I love their eyeshadows and their lipglosses. They eyeshadows are highly pigmented and last really well. Their lipglosses are just fun because they taste so good. I especially love how they name all their products. I get a good laugh out of some of them.
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I think MAC has a greater variety of products, formulas/finishes, colors, etc. but I do like UD. I have several eyeshadows that I really like from the line.
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cool which UD products do you think i should try for the summer? which ones do you like?
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I love UD's Peace eyeshadow.
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Originally Posted by pumpkincat210
I love UD's Peace eyeshadow.

that looks pretty - have you tried the metal eye sheens how are those'?
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I just bought all of there deluxe shadows, they are really nice and the packaging is super cute!!
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I have about 6 UD eyeshadows and love them all except one. Maui Wowie, it's a beautiful color but the glitter just gets everywhere!!! But, other then that they are very pigmented and they have staying power. They don't have as big of a collection as MAC but they do have some great colors.

I don't own any of the lip stuff so I can't comment on that stuff.
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Urban decay eyeshadow in Shattered is totally beautiful, it's a rich aqua with a shimmery green/sky blue effect
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I'd choose MAC over UD for eyeshadows, simply because of their texture. Although UD's new shadows are awesomely pigmented and feel nice if you can handle the bold colors
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I haven't tried very many of their e/s (UDs) but I do love the ones I have. I personally think their lip products are really nice, and definitely as good as MAC's though sometimes you get the odd gunk that is really gross and watery (most of them are gunky as the name implies).

The UD lipsticks, sadly discontinued, are to die for. Eternal mystery of life why they chose to get rid of them
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primer potion is the best stuff ever. i couldn't live without it. its so much better than any other primer i've ever tried. the eyeshadows are decent, they have some fun colors, however i find most of them to be way too glittery for my tastes. still, for certain instances, such as going out to a party or club, they can be useful. i love how the baked bronzer looks on me, and the lip stuff is pretty decent as well.
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I have Asphyixa, Lounge, and X from UD. I like them alot. They have good staying and power and they are pretty pigmented to me.
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UD and Mac have the same high-pigment quality. Urban Decay is just aimed toward the "edgy" consumer. Practically all their shades are highly glittered/frosted. I'm not sure about their skin care line. But everything of theirs is pretty compatable. Oh and Urban Decay owns Hard Candy. The best eyeshadow imho, is Midnight cowgirl or Sin.
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I own everything in Asphyxia by UD....they discontinued Asphyxia Lip Gunk which makes me sad. I loved UD way before I knew about MAC. I love them both.
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They are both good for different reasons for me. I have tons of UD eyeshadows and I really don't have a color I don't like. They are all beautiful and vivid. I like their lip products but I haven't had as much luck with staying power with them. The primer potion of course is wonderful.
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I have some UD shadows and a ton of MAC, and honestly I prefer MAC any day! UD has some great colors, but most of them are heavy on the glitter and are a bit on the dry, crumbly side. The only UD colors I really like are Shattered, Paladium, and Pallor (the last 2 are disc.). IMO, Paladium is one of the most gorgeous shades of silvery lilac. I actually use to have Midnight Cowboy and got rid of it, because I couldn't deal with having the color's silver glitter falling onto my cheeks. Kind of messy.
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UD e/s's have excellent color payoff but like other ppl have said some can be way too glittery and messy but some colors are MAC comparable and just as nice (i use both)

UD l/g are pretty nice too though they are a bit sticky - but they do have a nice minty flavor
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I adore both lines, my Urban Decay stuff that i have works awesome for me, and so does my MAC.
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Has anyone tried their 24/7 Eyeliner pencils? I am intested in them, but I am hoping for a high color payoff... what are your thoughts?
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Originally Posted by AudreyNicole
Has anyone tried their 24/7 Eyeliner pencils? I am intested in them, but I am hoping for a high color payoff... what are your thoughts?

I really like the 24/7 pencils, I have covet, lust, and electric so far..and I'll probably get honey and baked whenever I get to a sephora/order online. They stay on my eyes really well, and they are pigmented, I use covet quite a bit, I actually like to use it over black track on my waterline..darkens it up a bit and stays very well.

As for other UD products, I love most of what I have. I began my love for make up (shadows..mostly) with UD and I think there are some amazing colors and they're soft and blendable. There are some that are glittery, but *ahem* I don't find them to be any worse than say..lustre shadows (idol eyes, anyone?). Favs include: ydk, sin, mildew, half baked, last call, hotpants, asphyxia.

I wasn't a big fan of the lipgunks, but I'm super picky on scented items, and the smell of SWF was just too strong for me, personally. However, I really like the xxx shine glosses..they stay well and are minty

Surreal mineral makeup is okay, I haven't gotten to use it much, because up until recently (I've gotten tanner) it was way too dark.

Their blushes are also nice, kind of small though.
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I love UD shadows and own many of them. I also own many MAC shadows, and the only difference I notice is that MAC offers a much larger color palette.
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UD eyeshadow is awesome and I love their lipgunks
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I absolutely love Urban Decay shadows and I uh.... like them better than MAC ...
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Urban decay's DELUXE eyeshadows are wonderful. they arent sparkly, they are super smoothe and have the best color pay off! they are a little more than regualr urban decay eyeshadows, but well worth it. they are a little larger and have a mirror. I just wish they had more colors. Other than these eyeshadows, i perfer MAC. with the exception of primer potion. thats a gift from god!
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I have quite a few UD shadows and I love them all, except for Midnight Cowboy Rides Again...it's a really nice color, but the sparkles get all over my whole face no matter how I put it on. 'X' is definitely my favorite out of them all tho, and it's the perfect summer color!
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I have quite a few UD shadows. Asphyxia, Shattered, Twice Baked,(well I used to have this, I've just given to another Specktrette) Midnight Cowboy, Mildew, X, Polyester Bride, Goddess, roach, and Chopper. I probably have a just a couple more Mac shadows. They are comparable. Sometimes I think that UD are slightly better. For example, I'm a hooooge fan of greens. UD Milew is stunning on Asian girls, I use it a lot. I tried MAC's Humid to see what it was like but I find there is a lot of colour fall-out. It's slgihtly harder to blend into my base colours too.
UD shadows are smoother IMHO. But Mac have better colour range.
You shoudl try UD blushers - they're beautiful. Smooth, easy to apply, and X makes me look like I have Kate-Moss cheekbones.
All in all, I'd go for UD over MAC any day, but they come very close in quality.
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I think UD is great. Their nonglittery shadows are superior to most of MAC's IMO. Only MAC's Veluxe pearls and select frosts are as smooth and pigmented. Mildew is one of my favorite shadows. It's so flattering and can be used for both tamer, business friendly looks and ones more wild. I really like Sin, Roach, Lounge, Green Goddess, Shattered & Blunt. I really like their new Deluxe e/s and 24/7 pencils too. I used to loooove their lipgunks but they d/ced all but one of the colors I liked. Same with the lipsticks. I'm disappointed that they've moved away from their more pigmented lip products and towards the sheerer and shinier ones.

I'd be a much bigger UD fan though if there wasn't so much glitter. I don't mind it in theory, but I hate all the glitter fall out. Which is sad, because some of their glittery shadows are so pretty. Like Chopper.
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I prefer MAC. UD just seems like you have to really pile it on to get any color pay off. I had a few and sold them to friends. I have yet to try their deluxe colors, mostly don't want to waste the money when mac is cheaper. It's a shame too, they have really nice colors.
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