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Hi everyone!

I've always wanted to work for Sephora. I'm studying nursing, but makeup and cosmetics was a hobby of mine that quickly became a passion! Sephora would be the perfect job for me. So here's my story.


I live in Alhambra, and I initially wanted to apply for the Pasadena Sephora. I went over there last week on Tuesday all dressed up professionally and handed in not only a resume, but a cover letter and a recommendation letter as well. That night, I went on craigslist and coincidentally found a job posting for sephora regarding a job fair in Sherman Oaks Thursday, and the posting said they were hiring for La areas and Pasadena area. Driven, I went to Sherman Oaks expecting the Store Manager for Pasadena to be there, but she wasn't there. However, there was a recruiter as well as the Sherman Oaks director. I spoke with them, filled out another application and turned in a resume, cover letter, etc. and had a mini interview with the Sherman Oaks directer since she said she'd forward it to the Pasadena director. After my mini interview with her, she said "I will definitely forward this to Pasadena Sephora store director, but personally I feel that you are a perfect fit for sephora and I can really see you working for our company". I was ecstatic. I also spoke with the recruiter after and she told me she didn't know if pasadena was hiring but she knew glendale was so she asked me if i'd be interested in that location. I said YES!


That night I emailed both of them thanking them for their time. The recruiter emailed me right away asking for a digital copy of my resume, cover letter, and references. Without hesitation, I sent them to her. The next morning at around noon, I got a call from the store directer wanting an interview with me the next day! I know that usually you have to go through a group interview first, but I'm guessing since my mini interview with the recruiter and the other store directer was a success, I totally got to skip that step.


Anyways, the next day I went to the interview and left feeling very confident. At the end she told me that she was gonna speed up the interview process for me and will call me by either monday or tuesday. If not, she'll definitely call me this week for sure. She mentioned that she needed to get the approval of the district manager before she needs to make a decision. 


That Monday, I was anxiously waiting for their call. However I got calls from two of my references saying Sephora called them and how they gave me a kickass recommendation. I was so excited! I waited for Sephora to call me to offer me the job, but I didn't hear anything from them that day.


It is now Tuesday night, and I still haven't heard anything from them :( I called the store earlier today for a follow-up but the store director wasn't in today. I'm guessing it was her day off.


I am starting to lose hope especially since she didn't call me today! I guess some of you might say its too early to lose hope, but whats a girl to do especially if she REALLY REALLY REALLY wants this job so badly?! Anybody have advice? Anybody gone through this? It all sounds so promising. What do you have to say about this? Do you think I'll hear from them?

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I just went through this!  I don't know why, but either Sephora is very thorough, or slow, because it took them 3 wks after my interviews, to call me with a job offer.   I know it took them awhile to get a hold of some of my references, and they did have to get approval from the district manager as well.  I wouldn't give up hope yet... I kept calling them, letting them know I was still interested.  It was tough, but I got the call last week- I'm sure you will get the job!heart2.gif

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OMG HEY! Thank god I found this! I will be attending a job fair for sephora sometime next week. Its in santa monica and I AM SUPER NERVOUS. Can you walk me through your experience and the questions that were asked and your response to them? The site said that I need to be prepared for an interview and to bring my resume. I am a major in psych, but JUST LIKE YOU, I have a PASSION for makeup and skincare! I can totally see myself working here. I am 21 years old and I have 2 years working retail (ROSS). I get nervous so easily and it gets really bad, I START SWEATING, STRESSING, and I have even vomited (GROSS I KNOW) that is how nervous I get! :( Your help will be appreciated!

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Hey girl, thanks so much! I'm trying not to lose hope! Well anyways, they gave me a call yesterday after I followed up with the manager! They didn't offer me the job YET. So there is still hope. Basically, she called me to apologize for the hold up and they are working on speeding up the hiring process for me so that they can let me know the status of my application. Like I said, they called a few of my references on Monday. The store manager basically told that Geri, the recruiter I applied through didn't send in my actual application to her yet so she is just waiting on that. She has my resume, cover letter, references etc. but she told me she doesn't have the actual copy of my application. She said as soon as she gets it, she can continue with my hiring process and that she was supposed to get it that day or the next day. As soon as she said that I offered to actually go to the store and just fill out another application for her so it saves the hassle, and she said that it would be great if i did that. So i filled one out again and turned it in. This was yesterday btw. I haven't gotten a call yet, but as you know Sephora does do a background check, and the consent form for that is on the application so that was probably the reason for the holdup. The manager said that as soon as she gets my application in, she can submit my paperwork to the district manager for approval etc. She didn't exactly offer me the job, but It sounds SOOOO promising right?  Thats why its so hard for me to NOT get my hopes up but at the same time I'm trying not to because you never know. Pat on my back for putting in all my time and effort. I hope they notice all and offer me the job :( !



& @KarlaCtez

Girl, you got this. Just be prepared. The job fair for sephora is probably going to be a booth in front of the sephora store where you just come up and submit your resume and fill out an application. After you are done with that, you get a turn to interview with either the store manager of that store or the recruiter. It's really easy! The exact questions they asked me was "Why do you want to work for Sephora?". You HAVE to give them a great answer that expressed your interest and love for their company and what they do. When I was filling out my application, I overheard the recruiter and the store director asking each and every applicant that question. Almost all of them just stated their qualifications for the job like "I have been working in retail for years, and I feel like I can do well and excel in a high end store like sephora". NO NO NO. I cannot emphasize this enough that that is NOT what they wanna hear. This is what I said when they asked me that question in the mini interview. I basically told them that doing makeup, nails, hair was simply a hobby of mine that quickly turned into a passion. Pretty soon all my time was focused on anything and everything beauty and cosmetics, and I realized that I wanted my ultimate career goal to be around the beauty industry. Sephora has and always will be my favorite store. It's a one stop shop that specializes in makeup, nails, skincare, and haircare. And not just any beauty products, but LUXURY beauty products. I want to be a part of an elite company that specializes in my passion where i can learn from my team members, and share this passion i have with cosmetics with others. That was pretty much what i said, and after i said that she didn't even ask me anymore questions and told me these exact words: "I am definitely going to forward your application and all your paperwork to the manager of the sephora of your interest and give her my feedback. Personally, I feel that you are a perfect fit for Sephora and I can really see you working for our company". Those were her exact words, and boy was I ecstatic. The next day, I got the call from glendale sephora asking for a one on one interview with the store directer and i didn't even have to go through a group interview. :) 


So be prepared! take my advice. Show them that you are enthusiastic about working for them and how you want to grow with the company. Share your passion for makeup and cosmetics with them. Dress nicely! I knew everyone who was going to apply was probably going to wear black, so I wore a nice white blazer so I can stand out. Give a firm handshake. Keep eye contact. Smile, and be friendly. Even as you just take an application from them and as you are filling out the app, be friendly with them and have conversation. Complement them on THEIR makeup and ask them what they are using. It shows that you are that passionate about makeup, and that you are a personable person and easy to get along with. Talk and complement OTHER applicants. I was complementing others on their makeup and hair, and showing the recruiter and manager that i was a likable person who is easily approachable and just happy and kind and outgoing like a sales associate should be. Be positive! Show them you are happy to be there ! Did I miss anything? LOL. Yeah, just take my advice and I am sure you will be fine. It worked for me. 


OH YEAH, make sure to get the recruiters and the store managers name. If possible, get their emails as well. The recruiter handed me her business card, and as soon as I got home, I wrote a thank you email to her letting her know i appreciate her time and allowing me to show why I am a fit for sephora. Since I commented about her red lipstick, I added to my note how I am going to buy that red lipstick and see if it fits me as well. Make some sort of personal connection that way she remembers you. :)

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I just want you to know, I was sooo nervous the day of my interview as well- it was all consuming! nope.gif Now I was lucky- I didn't have a group interview- but I had a one on one interview with the store manager.  She made me feel comfortable, and I realized that I really wanted this job, and I have a love for Sephora, so it really wasn't too hard to answer her questions.  I was surprised how relaxed I actually felt.  She asked me about my past jobs, why I left them, what I liked about them, what I didn't(you have to be careful, and NOT say harsh things about former employers- I think they are testing you, and I kept it as positive as I could) " Have I ever made a sale personal?" was a question I had to really think about.  She also wanted to know my cosmetic story- when I first discovered makeup, and why I love it so much, etc.  It was almost an hour long.  Just remember why you are there- know your stuff, and let them see your passion.  Be yourself, be honest, and keep it light.

Tommorrow is my first orientation shift, I am nervous again, but excited at the same time!  I still can't believe I have a job at Sephora! wish me luck!!

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Ok, so I have a question about working in a SEPHORA JCPenney. I recently applied at two locations in southern California, and receieved interviews for both. The first interview went just ok. I felt as though maybe the interviewer didn't make a connection with me, and its been 6 days and I haven't received a call back. The other interview I at a nearby location took place this past Wednesday, 7/17, and it was with a SEPHORA manager, which I felt couldn't have gone better, who then asked me if I would be willing to accept a second interview immediately following hers, with a JCP store director. That interview also went great. The SEPHORA manager said I had all the qualities and attributes she was looking for, and the jcp store director commended my leadership abilities. Upon the end of my interview with the store director, she asked if I had any questions for her, of which I did. I had already prepared 5 questions before hand, but only which 3 applied, since the other two had already been covered during the interview process. After that, and small talk, she handed me her business card, and mentioned that it was very rare that the,SEPHORA manager would bring a candidat, down for an immediate second interview, that usually they require applicants to schedule it another day, so that says a lot. She also handed me her business card,.and told me that I should be expecting a phone call this Monday, or Tuesday at the,latest, and to call her Tuesday, if I don't hear back.

So, I'm just kind of wondering what to expect. Has
anyone been through similar experiences throughout interviewing process at SEPHORA JCP?
And, since I applied for the operations consultant position I have , what can I expect, as far as pay goes? I have 4 years experience as a beauty department manager at a retail store, so I wanna make sure I get compensated fairly. Thank you for any help/advice/suggestions that you may offer me!
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OMG thank you soooo muuuch! Loli live somewhat near Glendale and hopefully I can meet you there smiles.gif you know, you really helped me and made me feel better about this, every time I walk into the store, I feel like I belong there lol. Yea I was thinking of wearing a cute white blazer with some slacks and flats? I was thinking of wearing your classic 3inch closed toes black heels. What about my make up? How should I do it? Bold with color or nice and ssimple? eyelove.gif
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Wow, an hour long? Lol and did you practice verbally on your own? (Ike to prepare yourself for this answer) OMG, I am spool exciteid for you! I'd be in SCHOCK if I was working at sephora!what if my friend works at sephora? The one in the Glendale? Another question, before Ross I worked at ben and jerrys, i dont want to put that in my resume because it doesnt really fit the job at sephora. But then I am only left with one employer on.my resume. Is that ok?I wish you the BEST OF LUCK AND HAAAAVE FUUUUNNN!
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"I just want you to know, I was sooo nervous the day of my interview as well- it was all consuming! nope.gif Now I was lucky- I didn't have a group interview- but I had a one on one interview with the store manager. She made me feel comfortable, and I realized that I really wanted this job, and I have a love for Sephora, so it really wasn't too hard to answer her questions. I was surprised how relaxed I actually felt. She asked me about my past jobs, why I left them, what I liked about them, what I didn't(you have to be careful, and NOT say harsh things about former employers- I think they are testing you, and I kept it as positive as I could) " Have I ever made a sale personal?" was a question I had to really think about. She also wanted to know my cosmetic story- when I first discovered makeup, and why I love it so much, etc. It was almost an hour long. Just remember why you are there- know your stuff, and let them see your passion. Be yourself, be honest, and keep it light.

Tommorrow is my first orientation shift, I am nervous again, but excited at the same time! I still can't believe I have a job at Sephora! wish me luck!!"



...........................OMG GUESS WHAT? My friend referred me and I have a group interview on Monday at 1pm! ahhhh IM SOOO NERVOUS!

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I got the job! Good luck to those applying! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Congrats Pastelove!!  I knew you would get it!cheerleader.gif

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At pastelove! congrraaats!!! Lol how'd it go?
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SOOOOOOO for my first interview I GOT SOOO NERVOUS, I thought I LOST it! especially because the other two girls that were candidated had make up experience, I HAD NOTHING! ONLY RETAIL AT ROSS. Anyhow, she called me back for a second interview 3 days later and omg the second interview was A PIECE OF CAKE! The lady pretty much told m that she was going to give me the thumbs up and what not. She was the "talent recruiter" for sephora. Now she told me that the process is going t ake 3-4 weeks! I AM SO HAPPY, i still need the role play...but do you guys think I AM PRETTY MUCH IN?? ;)

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I'm just curious, has anyone gotten a job at Sephora with no retail experience?


I really want to work at Sephora, but I have no experience in retail whatsoever. I'm 19 and this would pretty much be my first job outside of my mom's catering business. I'm nervous about applying and I also don't want to waste my time/energy if they won't hire me without experience. I do know a lot about makeup and customer service and I know I could do the job.

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Hello, all!


I'm brand spanking new to the forums...I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!


So, I got offered a job at Sephora as a Product Consultant, then got called back about a week later (this past Saturday the 4th, my graduation day! woohoo) and was asked to interview for a higher position. It's a training position/product knowledge, so I'm thinking it's the Senior Education Consultant? They didn't actually tell me the exact name of the position. But my Beauty Manager says it's the position right under hers. 


If any of you have experience in this position or can shed some light on what to expect from this third (and final) interview, please feel free to let me know!! 


Soooo excited! I've been working in the cosmetics industry since I was 18 (now 23) and this is totally my dream job! 

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What where sme of your guys interview questions and answers????

@pastellove what where some I your interview questions and answers?
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Hi there,

I have been lurking this forum for a couple days now and I learned quite a bit about the Sephora hiring process, But I am still left with a few questions. I am new so bare with me.


I have been looking for a job for quite some time now and I applied to Sephora about a month ago when they weren't hiring but just recently I learned that they had 2 staff members leave so I called again to make sure they still had my resume, then a couple of days later I got called for a group interview which isn't till the 17Th. I am so excited to get this opportunity but just this week I was called for several other job interviews one of them is much closer to my house pays about 13 dollars an hour but is in the food industry which I am not to happy about but it seems like it would be a great job good hours and high pay and it is with my school that I am returning to in January and the interviewer said that they would be more then happy to lessen my hours when I go back to school. but that interview was on the 8Th and he was ready to give me the job then. (which I really need) but I told him about my interview on the 17Th and how I was very interested in both jobs but I still needed time to see what my options are.


So my Dilemma and what I would love your opinions on is that I am really really interested in Make up artistry and Cosmetics, I love doing my friends and families make up and dress up for events and I have read about the Science of Sephora and how they hold training sessions with different products that is one of the main reasons I would love to work with Sephora but I was looking through the forums and I noticed that they take a while to offer jobs to people that they have interviewed and I have to respond to the other job offer by the 20Th of August to say if I would like to work with them or not.


I am wondering what is the average time it takes from the interview to them actually saying you have the job as it will really affect my decision on which job I would take.

I noticed that no one could give an exact wage but if you can say higher or lower then 12.50 that would be great ( I am in Ottawa)

Also for those that did go through the hiring process and got the job was it worth the wait do you get to go to a lot of the training sessions.

Also I read about gratis do only full timers get this? and how often would someone receive gratis ( I am planing on taking a Esthetics program and gratis would help me build my make up kit)


Thank you for taking your time to read my questions!


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Hi Everyone!

Ahh, so I am back on this forum and I just got hired at Sephora about two weeks ago. I had my orientation, and I just started training on Tuesday which was on August 9. I have to say, I am so impressed with the company and I have fallen in love with all of my stores cast members and Store Director. The perks, the benefits, the knowledge you gain, and how much they value their employees is just amazing. I am twenty years old by the way and I have had three previous jobs. I worked at olive garden, and then worked at ross because it was much closer to my house and at the time I was not driving yet. Then I worked for a small business. However, it was my passion and dream to land a job in the beauty and cosmetics industry. I am so happy that I now work for such an elite name like Sephora, and I am looking forward to moving up in the company especially since they have so many opportunities and positions. You can go into education, marketing, pro makeup artist etc. It's a company that is growing FAST! 


Anyways, KarlaCtez, I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but I do hope you are in! I'm pretty sure you got it as long as your passion for beauty and cosmetics shine through.




@latinax15 Basic job questions, and questions about beauty. They want to know how much you know about beauty and how much about Sephora you know. Do your research on the company. When answering their questions about beauty, try to incorporate YOUR favorite beauty products from Sephora and why it is your favorite and how much you wanna share your knowledge and passion with others. Also be careful and always have positive answers even if its a negative question like when they ask why you left your previous job. Be yourself in the interview. Don't act uptight and robotic. Converse and be personable will the interviewer. Show her you are someone who she would love to work with and who clients would love to engage with. In the end of the interview she will ask if you have any questions. ASK QUESTIONS. not about benefits or salaries, which is the mistake most people make. Ask her what the hardest part of HER job as a manager is, what she expects from her employees, what about an employees work ethic that impresses her the most. When i was asked if i had any questions, i only asked ONE question: Why do you love working for Sephora. 



@VanessaS My interview process was very fast! I went to a job fair on a Thursday Jul 12th at Sherman Oaks Westfield and interviewed with a talent recruiter as well as their store director. The talent recruiter sent my resume to another store at Glendale and I scored an interview with their store manager. I had my very first official interview that Saturday July 14th. It turned out that was my first and last interview. She told me that she was gonna talk to her district manager and discuss me and see if I am a fit for Sephora. I found out they had called my references, and I wanted a whole week! The next saturday, July 21st, I got a call around 9pm and got offered the job! So that was how my interview process went, but I know that you usually have to go through a group interview. I understand that you have a job offer with a food company already that pays 13 an hour which is more than what Sephora will usually start off a person with, but if you already know you aren't really interested in it, then don't take it. Go for Sephora! If you love cosmetics and beauty and that is the industry you would love to enter, then why not put all of your effort into landing a job at a company you ultimately want to work for. If you love cosmetics and beauty as much as you say you do, and you have that shine through in your interview, you WILL GET THE JOB. Be positive, mention how much you love working with a team, mention your PASSION for beauty, mention how much you want to work for a company that VALUES and RESPECTS their employees. Express how great your work ethic is and how you want to move up in the company and that you are willing to take initiative when it comes to your job. You will nail it. 

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@pastel love, OMG girl I am waitin on the DM's approval. Are you at Glendale? I hroup interview o July 31st went for a second interview on August the 3rd and the recruier told me that she liked me and was going to.give me the thumbs up. I got a call last week and.the store director told me tthat she was going to call my references that same day and I was going to know if I was hired by the end of this week. I asked my references if they have revievwd a call and they said no. It's been 7 days already and I haven't heard anythidng. Thoughts?
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hey hun, it sounds good so far, just give it time! :) its a process, and the store is probably busy. you'll be fine!

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I hope so! ssad.gif how long did the whole process take for you?
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Hey Karla,

The process took about a week for me. I turned in my application at the job fair on a Thursday, got a call the next day Friday, and got my first and last interview on Saturday. Then the Saturday after that is when I got the call. However, I know the hiring process is different for everybody.

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Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! Well its been a little over a week and she was very specific bybtellung me that it was going to take no longer than that for her to get the district managers approval and call my references. Still nothing. Should I call by next Monday if I still haven't heard anything from her? I just really don't want to bother her or anything. I'm just thinking "what if they changed their mind" from the looks of it, everything was great you know?
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I have an interview tomorrow with Sephora! for a Color specialist. I am curious of what some of the questions might be in the interview and what are some specific responsibilities of a Color specialist? I have been in the beauty industry for about 11 years and this will be my first time in corporate management! Any info is greatly appreciated!!

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Thank you for the reply It really helped prep me for my group interview! I have my Second interview tomorrow!!

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I have an interview tomorrow for the color lead position at Sephora! I would love any tips you could give including what exactly the position's responsibilities are. I went in for a part time possition and the director wanted to interview me for the color lead after looking at my resume. ANY info is greatly appreciated!!!

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I just started at Sephora, and I know a color lead is responsible for basically being the go-to person when it comes to anything "makeup" in the store. At our store we have a color lead, a skincare lead, fragrance lead, operations lead etc. We also have what you call a "Beauty Studio Captain" who is in charge of actually applying makeup for our clients at the beauty studio. If you don't know what the beauty studio is, it is basically the big vanity in the middle of the store where you can get your makeup done. We have an express makeup application which is a basic makeup application to either your skin, eyes, lips etc. and we also have a full on makeup application where you have to purchase a minimum amount of products from the store.


So you are basically manager when it come the world of color at Sephora. I believe you have be knowledgeable about our makeup products so you can help out and sell makeup products to client, fill them in with knowledge about makeup products. Also, you're responsible for sharing your knowledge for your fellow sephora team mates. You wanna serve as a mentor to those who wish to be in color as well :) I'm not one hundred percent about the actual job description, but in your interview make sure you fill them in about your knowledge about products that sephora carries, and also how you also want to gain more knowledge as well and learn from other leads. Also make sure to let them know you want to inspire others when it comes to color; clients AND other cast members. You wanna be their leader, their mentor, and be able to answer any of their questions. Working at Sephora, I've learned that the company is very team oriented and we value teamwork and using teamwork to serve our clientele. So show them that you are a team player, but at the same time show them how you can be a great leader. 


Thats pretty much all I have for now, I hope it helps. If you have further questions, ask away :)

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@nebbish do you still work for sephora?
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Yay!! I got the job!!

I was hired into operations I realize now that I will be doing a lot of just restocking but is that all that operations does? If anyone is in operations now I would love to know what your daily routine is at work.

Also if I ever wanted to move into a different position like color or cashier or something does the store normally let that happen?

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