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I love cavaliers.. yours is very cute My old manager had a tri like yours and a blethem...

oh and word to the wise to all reading this and saying you have to have one, NEVER EVER buy one from a pet store, never buy any dog from a pet store for that matter

but your pup is very cute and you got a great deal on him from a breeder!
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Originally Posted by MAC_WH0RE
if your allergic to most dogs, hes perfect for you.

he doesnt have fur.
and he's got way more street cred than a Chihuaha which is really only a handbag dog

Very neat haul! I'm sure you'll have a load of fun together :thumbsup:
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awwwwww how adorable! i want one!!!

Originally Posted by Coco_Hailey
ooooh so cute! is that the same kind of dog as Elizabeth Taylor in Sex in the City? Charlotte's dog?
yes yes it is the same, it's a cavalier king charles spaniel
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omg love it!You so got me on this one!
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so cute

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I´ve got a dog too,

but she´s huge!

She´s a newfoundland...

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Oops! Dubbleposted...

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Awwwwww! Best Haul EVER!

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So cute!!!
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He's adorable! Awesome haul lol!

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haha, I was already wondering how many MAC products one can buy for 700 dollars in one go :D


cute puppy and probably an adorable dog by now

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Aww, he's so adorable!! :)

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What a cutie! Aww look at thos paws! He is gorgeous. Congrats.

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Zo cute love your puppy.
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