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OMG... My cat fell out my 2nd floor window!

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Well almost...

My apartment was built in the 1930's and I'm betting that the screens in the windows that are in my house now, are the original screens that were put on like a bazillion years ago.


His fav spot is the window sill next to my computer, he's always sitting in the window whenever I'm in my room, and much of the time when I'm away. I'm thinking that the screens were really dry and old, so after almost year of having my kitty lean against them, a small tear had developed on the bottom of the screen. Well, that tear decided to have a fit of, "OVER IT!" and ripped. Of course this happened while my cats back was leaning against it, so when the screen gave out, he fell out the window.

All I can say is I'M SO GLAD I REFUSE TO DE-CLAW!!!! He ended up hangin out the window like the victim of a homocide before the killer steps on his fingers to make him fall. He was holding onto the windowsill by his paws, with just his little chin peeking over. I was freaked. You could totally see in his eyes, "dont let me fall!" Thank god I was chatting with a friend at the time it happened, so I was sitting at my desk. I dont know what would have happened if I was at work, asleep, or in the living room. I reached out the window and grabbed him from under his little arms and pulled him to safety.

So yeh. My cat has 8 lives left after last night.
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awwwwwwwwwe... i'm glad your cat's ok? he or she must be terrified with that kind of experience... now it know better not to lean on it... poor thing...
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awww poor baby! Good thing his mommy was there to rescue him!
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Phew what a relief. Im glad he is safe
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holy crap im glad you were there to catch him! 1 life down 8 to go...

I have a loft and my cat like to lay on the ledge and it freaks me out, I just know shes going to fall on my head one day lol
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Aww. Glad he's okay!

My cats have had some scary experiences too!
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When I was younger, we had this cat named Smokey. She liked to sleep on the railing of our second story deck. One cold winter morning, my dad saw her jump up on the railing, hit ice and skid right off onto the ground below. It was probably 25 feet down to the frozen ground and he figured when he looked, she would be dead, but he saw her stand up, shake her head a couple of times, and she walked right back up the stairs. Lucky lucky cat. I am happy yours was ok
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omg i'd be so scared
i get scared when my puppy tries to jump off the couches, haha.
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yay! i am glad to hear that your cat is okay.
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I'm glad you saved him, poor kitty, he must have been very afraid!
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awwwwwwww im so glad momma saved her porn star kitty! thats so freakin scary... im glad he's okay!
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Thanks god you were home! as a little creature mommy ( i have a dog) i can understand how terrifying that had to be for both of you.
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awwww bless him!

my cat's always up to something, his latest thing is falling into the freezer lmao it was so funny. he was asleep on the lounger cushion on top of the freezer so i opened the freezer to get something and he wanted to get down and he misjudged the distance and jumped right into the freezer by accident, he had really cold paws lmao so i wrapped his feet in towel and warmed him up haha
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Edit: Double Post oops!
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