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What RARE MAC Items Do You Own?

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Just wondered what hidden gems you guys have. the term rare is relative here as some people have been collecting and using much longer than others, so share it with us anyway.
What things do you have that rarely come up for sale on ebay or swap?

(this is partly inspired by turbokittys revelation of her 4 Pleasureflush MSFs


These are mine, my absolute pride and joy:

4 Mac eyeshadow palettes from the 04 collection the ones with the sworvski crystals

an 03 7 Eyeshadow Holiday pallete in Bronze

De Menthe Eye shadow x2
Full Sized Marooon Pigment x2
isabella blow lipstick x3

your turn!
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I can do better than 4 Pleasureflushes

I have lots of other rare stuff including some old e/s such as Haze, Clone, Black Gold, Judy Blue, all 9 Colour Theory shadows and all 4 Chroma Snake Eyes shadows. I have full sized jars of purple matte, green matte, auburn, mustard, brass, bronze and copper pigments, (although some of the jars are only half full). I have a couple of rare discontinued jars of glitter too. I have a few rare l/s including Heatherette, Blue Eve, Sexie, Holidazzle, Rockin' Rudi all three Playboy lipsticks and both Playboy glitter creams. I also have some MAC jewelled stick-on tattoos, a stack of long discontinued wild MAC false lashes, a couple of Isabella Blow t-shirts, Hot + Sour paint, Dabble paint, a few d/c brushes, all 4 Diana Ross brushes...

As you say, rare is a relative term, so I've got a lot of stuff some people would class as rare but others wouldn't. I have a lot of the more recently discontinued "rare" stuff too, such as parrot, guacamole, lucky green, de menthe, moth brown, dainty cake l/s, strawberry blonde l/s, Blow l/s and the more recently d/c frost pigments in silver, gold, blue (original and RR), green and maroon, plus Coco Beach and All Girl. I've also got a few d/c brushes, a stack of palettes and quads, most of the glitter liners... etc etc

The thing is, though, MAC being MAC, my list of d/c stuff is a lot longer than my list of permanent stuff!! I used to have a list of my entire collection but I lost it when my iPaq decided to die on me. I'd post it if I still had it.

I should also note that I've been seriously collecting for more than 3 years now and when I was earning good money (before I had to give up work) I used to drop a fair bit on MAC. I have a big collection but I've certainly paid enough for it!
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I don't really have too much rare stuff because alot of HTF stuff is just colors I don't like or were close to other things I had etc, so I didn't bother with it in the first place, but I did collect some things I thought were cool:
Sexie & Sexier lipstick and gloss
Parrot, although it's pretty used because I loved it when I first got it and also that was around the time I learned to depot
Playboy Bunny lipstick and shimmer cream
All Girl Pig. & Coco pig.
I still have a little of the original Coco Beach left I got in a sample
Who's That Lady lip gelee
Temperly Palette
Other palettes that are harder to find now like Snowgirl Lips palette and a Nordies exclusive from like 4 years ago but I don't remeber the name
Different D/C colors like Goldbit, Elite, Lucky Green, etc.
My beloved Flamboyance lippie although not alot of people remember it (it was from Snowgirl), I have seen it sell on ebay for $40-50 bucks because of crazy people like me
Older MSF's like Gold Deposit and Stereo Rose
Y & Kei stuff, although newer still I think they were still pretty HTF
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I've been collecting for about 2 years now:
Adorn shimmersouffle
Coco beach pigment (full size)
For the boys & Post-punk glitter liners (Not repromoted with Idol eyes)
Angelcake, Peridot, Electro sky & Parrot eyeshadows
Tres teal & Whim mineralized eyeshadows
Stereo rose & So ceylon mineralized skinfinishes
Neon 60's & Black glitters
Belly flop sheer colour extract
Tastetease, Berry fav & Bberry lipglass tastis
Hot poppy eyekhol
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My rare eyeshadows
Fringe, Forest, Grapevine, Cucumber, Helix, Plexi, Safari, Santa Fe, Sleek, Pecan, Temper, Theme, Wisp, Piccadily, Rap, Lyric, Leisuretime(original), Bliss, Heavenly Bliss, Glare, Gamma, Century, Poncho. Lola, Lyric, and Ashbury
Red Tone Brown
Lo Density Brown
Chroma Copper Cobra
Chroma Green Garter
Chroma Purple Python
Parrot, Guacomole, Moth Brown
I have at least 1 of every quad with the exception of Skinflicks, Hipnotique, & another I don't recall the name of
I have every MSF but New Vegas
BNIB Coco Beach, Coco, Maroon, & All Girl
Sexie & Sexier, Blow, andthe Y& Kei gloss & lipstick
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I have:
all of the eye palettes MAC ever made;
all of the e/s quads (except for Pure quad and Asian skinflicks) that Mac has made;
DeMenthe, Diesel, Phase, Stomp, Parrot, Guacamole, Melody, Moth Brown, Glare, Lucky Green, and more e/s;
Brass, Copper, Bronze, All Girl, Coco Beach, Green, and all of the other shimmer and metal pigments that Mac has made;
all of the skinfinishes Mac has made;
Sunny Boy and Zazoom l/g;
Who's That Lady lipgelee;
lots of rare lippes (Dainty Cake, Cockatease, Holidazzle, and more);
and all of the Diana brushes.
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Don't know if all of this is rare realy :confused: . But this is what i have of what i think is rare.

Skinfinishes: all the msf's including Pleasureflush

All Girl, Coco, (2x) Coco Beach, some other LE samples

Lucky Green, Guacamole, Parrot (could had have 2 pots damnit! scammers! )

Palettes: 2x Jewel pallet (with Parrot)

Quad: Liza PM (with parrot)
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i have 2 liza quads (the ones with kicky blue parrot), 1 parrot eyeshadow pot, 1 y & kei eye shadow pallette, 1 laser cream eye liner, 1 mlle lipstick, and 1 rizzo lipstick
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My only rare/HTF item is Sexie lipstick. This was RAOK'ed to me from a lovely lady on MUA.
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pleasureflush msf x 2
so ceylon msf x 2
judy blue e/s
coco beach x 2
all girl x 2
d/c'd silver (thanks to the lovely TKK )
sexier l/g and sexie l/s
isabella blow l/s x 2
parrot e/s x 3
liza pm quad x 2
jewel palette
lucky green e/s x 3
moth brown e/s x 3
temperley palette x 2
y & kei collection
copper pigment
brass pigment x 1 1/2
bronze pigment x 2
maroon x 2
guacamole e/s x 2
ghetto lip stain
hot & sour paint x 2

i have other stuff but it escapes me right now :goofy:
gold deposit msf x 4
stereo rose msf x 3
haze e/s (albeit cracked)
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I really only have recently-DC'd stuff: Parrot, Lucky Green, Moth Brown, Sweeten Up, Crimsonette, Peacocky, Petticoat, So Ceylon, and tons of pigment samples.

I also have Sexie and a (very used) Rockin' Rudy l/s.
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all girl pigment, coco pigment, deckchair, the msf(except pleasureful, new vegas, stereorose)
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ive only got Cool & Aloof lipgelee which i want a back up lol
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Tuxe de Luxe Lipglass, and not much else lol. I buy want I think I'll use, not because it will be "rare".
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Hrm... Kind of afraid to say it cause then i'll realize what i spent on them lol

All the msf's, Pleasureflush x2
Liza Pm
Jewel palette - w/ parrot
Sweeten up
Moth Brown
Hot and Sour paint x2
Lucky Green
Black Gold
All the msf's
Who's That Lady
Violet Dear
Goldbit, Lesiuretime.
Turquoise, Coco Beach, All Girl, Royal Blue, Pure White, Black, Mustard, Auburn, Green Matte, Brass, Copper
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here's what I consider rare in my stash:

Stereo Rose
Metal Rock
Gold Deposit
So Ceylon
and at least one of the rest of the MSFs

2001 Holiday Face and Eye Palettes
2002 Holiday Face, Eye, and Lip Palettes
2003 Holiday Palettes Face 8 and Pink Eyes
2004 Holiday Palettes Gem, Crystal, Jewel, and Sparkle
2005 Holiday Palettes Warm, Cool, Trend, Luxuries, and Indulgences
Temperley Palette
Y & K Palette, Kei Lipglass
just got Zandra Palette, Zandra gloss and lipstick
all Nordstrom exclusive palettes from Anniversary sales
Liza PM Quad
Liza AM Quad
Perverted Pearl Quad
Denim Dish 1 and 2 Quads
and about 15 other quads....

I am somewhat obsessive complusive about palettes and quads. I think I have a problem!

oh and also Moth Brown, Metamorph, Pollen, Goldbit, etc. of more recently DC'ed shadows

theres probably more that I can't think of right now.
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Lucky Green,
Moth Brown,
CocoBeach - Full size,
All Girl - Full size,
Coco - Full size,
Gold Dusk - Full size,
Deckchair - Full Size
Petticoat MSF,
Shimpagne MSF,
Porcelain Pink MSF,
Shooting Star MSF,
New Vegas MSF,
all 5 of the origonal Mineralized eyeshadows,
Who's That Lady Lipgelee & back up,
Cool and Aloof Lipgelee,
Dame in A Dress Lipgelee & back up.
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Funny, but I didn't realize that some of the stuff that I had was rare...

Coco Beach Pigment (FS)
All Girl Pigment (FS)
BAPE Lip Conditioner (Blue & Pink)
Parrot (in a pallette)
Who's that Lady (+ back up)
Playboy Bunny Pink Lipstick & Creme stuff
Dainty Cake Lipstick
Melting Kiss Lipstick (My fave!!!)
This little rectangle box of gems & glue.
A Couple of Madame B Shirts
Ornameltalism Poster
Viva Glam V (X-tina) Poster
Lure Poster
D'Bohemia Poster
High Tea Poster
Lingerie Poster
Naturally Eccentric Poster
Culturebloom Poster
THE MAC Round Counter Mirror (not the funky new square one)
I also have 4 MAC Directors Chair backs... Pop Mode, Pool Party, A Solid Fuschia colored one, and Sleek Chic)
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Guacamole, Lucky Green, Goldbit, Moth Brown, Meadowland e/s
Stereo Rose MSF
Holiday '05 cool & trend palettes
Coco, Deckchair, Provence, Apricot Pink, Pinked Mauve, Lovely Lily, Goldenaire pigments
Flash of Flesh lipglass
Strawberry Blonde l/s
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Somewhat rare, I guess:
original Blue pigment
De Menthe e/s
Guacamole e/s
So Ceylon msf
some Lipglass Tastis
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Moth Brown e/s
Who's that Lady lipgelee
Petticoat MSF
Stereo Rose MSF (waiting for it to arrive)
Coco Beach (waiting for it to arrive)
Deckchair (I didn't realize this was HTF until seeing it here!)

I'd consider giving an appendage for Pleasureflush!
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I have quite a few rare colours, but I'm most proud of:

black traincase
silver traincase
palette cases (2)
brush roll
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Here's my list:

an array of MAC Fantasy Lashes
MAC Pearls
Liza AM/PM Quad
'04 Holiday Palette's in Crystal & Jewel
Chroma Sinful Serpent e/s
Zone e/s
Jasmine e/s
Full Size Coco Beach Pigment
Portraitature Paint
Denim Dish 2
Color Scheme 1 & 3
4 Beau Quad
Perverted Pearl Quad
Y & Kei Collection
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The pink Diana Ross 150 brush. I spotted it at a CCO and grabbed it. At the counter, my uncle sneaked up behind me and whipped out his plastic. He did the same thing at Diesel. I love my uncle <3<3<3
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--Old screw-top eyeshadows, now d/c'd colors: Dream, Fake
--Eight lipsticks in the original cylindrical packaging
--D/c'd or LE older colors: Night Owl shadow, Relay Race and Boy Magnet lipglasses, Bellyflop Sheer Color Extract, Pink Lure stain, NW20 Sheer Coverage foundation (in same packaging as Full Coverage fndn), Metallize lacquer, Lac Lustre in Sentimental
--More recent: Little Madame mineralized shadow, Variety blush (maybe that's not so htf), Jet Black palette from Saks holiday 2004
--And a zippered brush case in black nylon, which I love!

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I have been collecting since Feb. 2006

I have every MSF except for New Vegas, including 2 pleasureflushes
Pretty Twisted Eyeshadow
Liza PM Quad
FS Gold frost Pigment
FS Maroon Pigment
Lucky Green
Melody e/s
Atlas e/s
Phase e/s
Bronze Pigment
Silver frost pigment
Frill e/s
Mustard pigment
Pickle e/s
Icebox e/s
Guacamole e/s
Cockatease l/s
Dainty Cake l/s
Goldbit e/s
Pushup pink e/s from the Chromezone 3 palette
White wheat eyeshadow
Unreally blue eyeshadow
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i don't know how "rare" some of these are, but i guess for a 3-year collector, i'm doing okay:
lucky green e/s
meadowland e/s
moth brown e/s
4 MSFs (naked you, shooting star, shimpagne, porcelain pink - i'm sure a lot of people have these as well now, because of their availability this past year)
lure mailer/poster, which i guess is "rare"
intoxicate e/s (dc'd, not necessarily htf, YET)
fine n dandy l/s
haha, lame, but i wanted to contribute
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i forgot to add:

goldbit x2
Elite x2
Guacamole x2
Stereo rose x2
maroon pigment x2
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sobs..u girls are so lucky to have so many rare mac stuff...i only started collecting mac in jan

only have porcelain pink and petticoat ..and they are not even rare..
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may I count zandra rhodes?
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