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Does anyone have this l/s? Wondering if it would work on someone who is pale with yellow undertones.
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i don't have it, but i think it would look okay. i'm pale with yellowish undertones and i like wearing red lipstick. i only wear Rockocco l/s which is ALOT brighter than Brick-o-la, but i think it would be gorgeous especially with a neutral eye and some light bronzer on your cheeks!
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Thanks. I ordered Brick-O-La via B2M, so I'll see how it goes.
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Re: Brick-O-La

Does anyone use it?
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I recently bought Brick-o-la and it's kind of more rosey than I would like it to be... otherwise it's perfect. I was advised to try this shade if I wated a more subdued, muted and warm-ish red lip, but this doesn't read very red on me at all. I like that's a muted colour, but I was wondering if there is another lipstick thak really looks like this one, only a bit more red and less rosey... Hope someone can help!

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Hello! Can anyone recommend some lip liners that can be paired with Brick-O-La?

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