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MAC wages

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Hey everyone

I'm new here, loving the site!

I'm hopefully training to be a make up artist soon and I would like to be a member of the MAC pro team some day.

To get this far, I need to get on the MAC counter, now I know its **** money, but does anyone know exactly how much it is per year?

Even a rough estimation for a make up counter would be helpful!

I'm in Ireland, so it would be around Dublin
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Re: MAC wages

Actually the money is not bad at all. Granted you won't be a millionaire! I am omn my fourth interview for MAC and the money they offered me is not bad at all. I will be making more than all my friends!! (If I get the job.)
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Re: MAC wages

Okay first, talking about pay is a big no-no at MAC so I doubt anyone will give you a number. Secondly it will very depending on where you live and what counter/store you're working at. The only way to really know what you'll be getting paid is when you're offered the position.
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