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Re: Working for Ulta

Originally Posted by junefontaine View Post
So I'm bumping this thread to check in with everyone who's still working for Ulta.

I can't believe that I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary in a few days.

Our store is considered a super high shrink store at this point, and it's just so frustrating to go and do a good job when over $4k of merch gets taken in under a week. Seriously.

We're understaffed and yet they keep on cutting hours, and I'm amazed that the powers that be would rather keep cutting costs short-term, than have a loss prevention department in our store. Or change the rules regarding how fragrance is displayed. Something to help deter the flagrant thieves. It seems that they are not thinking in terms of longevity, but who knows?

Not that this is turning into a vent, but it's also very annoying when customers who have never come in give me a backhanded compliment.

"I've never been in here before as I'd heard that it was just cheap drugstore stuff, but wow, you carry a lot of brands. It's ALMOST as good as Sephora."

Apples and oranges, jeesh.

How are all of you fellow Ulta employees faring these days?

Hey congrats on the one yr! Ive been with Ulta for over 2 yrs now.

I really love working there, believe me I do. I love the team that I work with, my dept. manager..if i were to find a better paying job, i would miss my team.

We're suffering here just as bad as you are...

I could not agree more about the loss prevention idea. We are pretty much the 2nd highest shrink store in our district which is really bad...and im so annoyed that for a while theyd just be hiring new cashiers and not one security guard! We havent hired anyone in a while though, only the salon team has.

The hrs are ridiculous!!! I think I am giving up on waiting for more hrs and going to or have been searching for a 2nd job because i cant take it anymore. I feel overworked and unappreciated! It sucks because I love my job, but I wish I'd get some sorta credit!

and LOL to that quote because ive heard that many many times!!! People dont open their eyes! So many people dont know about our Salon! I havent heard the "almost as good as" ever though, ive heard the its just like sephora, or it's almost like..and i just respond by laughing in my usual sweet way and telling them that were more than a sephora..we have everything, were a one stop beauty shop. We sell high end skincare/makeup, fragrance, drugstore brands, pro hair care, we have a salon that not only does hair, but facials/waxing, and now that we have a benefit boutique unlike sephora, it makes it even more awesome for us! We have so much!

I cant wait for the day we get MUFE and NARS!!! Im so excited to be carrying Philosophy and Mario Badescu and Cargo!! i love Cargo!
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Re: Working for Ulta

Originally Posted by Ethereal_Jane View Post
Just some questions about working for Ulta. I applied online for a position at my local store, and I'm wondering how long I should wait to hear from them. Is it better to ask while you're in the store if they're currently hiring? I'd love to work there--I'm starting school again in the fall and would love to start this summer and continue working there until I finish my degree. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
Wait about a wk, and yes it is good to talk to the assistant manager or general manager and ask if they are hiring.
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Re: Working for Ulta

i used to be guilty of thinking ulta was a glorified drugstore but now i love it so much! i do not live by a sephora (though i have been to many, many times) and i recently went to one and i was kinda let down, i prefer ulta now!
some sephoras are just tiny, it makes me sad i was used to the big one in NYC and it is really the only one i get into.. i love how ulta carries urban decay and i really like ulta brand eyeshadows, i also love to get nail polish there.
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Re: Working for Ulta

I work at Ulta making $8/hr. I really enjoy my job and I don't agree with the people that said that Ulta employees are too laid back and don't greet customers... we greet each and every customer when they come in and when they leave. I love my job <3
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Re: Working for Ulta

^^ every store is different but that goes for everything. i've been to ultas with great customer service, i've been to snooty ultas, i have been to ultas who ignore customers.. it is all different.
but i love to get my NYX, OPI, Essie and Urban Decay all in one place so I won't complain
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Re: Working for Ulta

Originally Posted by BloodMittens View Post
I was wondering if anyone here has ever worked for Ulta. I plan on leaving my job at Victoria's Secret for this job at the present time, until I can start steady with MAC, and then I plan on leaving Ulta. But I don't know how long it's going to take them to set me up full time, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me an average salary for a sales associate at Ulta, and maybe even the perks, if any?


(PS: I searched the forums, but I couldn't find anything on Ulta perks or salaries) <3
Actually, there is a thread that discusses details about working at Ulta, unfortunately, I can't direct you precisely to it right now.

Do a Search for "Ulta" in the box at the upper righthand corner.

As a recall, the pay is around $10/hr., decent training and gratis -- downside you're promoting a variety of product lines.

Hope this helps!

Spa Jeweler
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Pay rate as a SA at Ulta?

I have a good job (in an unrelated field), but it really bores me. I found out that Ulta is opening 2 stores in the area, one only 10 minutes from me, this summer. Does anyone know what a sales associate would make hourly? I'd love to get paid to do something related to what I like doing! I know I'd be taking a pay cut, but I'm just curious as to exactly how much it'd be. TIA.

Edit: Oh, yeah, and how much of a discount could I expect?
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Re: Pay rate as a SA at Ulta?

I'm an associate at Ulta. Whatever questions you have you could PM me!
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Re: Pay rate as a SA at Ulta?

i got paid 8 an hour and barely scraped up $400 a month because they don't like to give hours.

aside from that it's a really easy job
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Re: Pay rate as a SA at Ulta?

When I was ther I got 8 and never got a raise beacuse it wasnt in the companys budget or somehting stupid.
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Re: Pay rate as a SA at Ulta?

yea i have heard that they pay very low, nothing to live on.
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About to apply at ULTA..

And I am SO confused.

I've talked to so many people now and I just keep getting different info. I've tried looking online but I can't seem to find anything. My friends who visit ULTA regularly tell me that they're similar to MAC and will hire artists based on skill regardless if they are licensed or not. Not to mention, people I know who are friends with the employees say that at my ULTA, they're looking for skilled people to be artists right now since it opened just recently which leaves me confused.

I looked up on Job Search if there were any positions open and there are but the only artist related positions listed are for licensed people. Granted, I'll take whatever job there I can because I want my first job to be in an environment I can thrive in and I have yet to get my GED from High School but does anyone know if they really do hire off of skill like some people say?

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I Got A Job At Ulta!

I'm so excited! Anyone have any suggestions on how to do my hair? I think I'm pretty set with the makeup area, but I really have no idea what to do with my hair.
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Re: I Got A Job At Ulta!

Originally Posted by osbornc View Post
I'm so excited! Anyone have any suggestions on how to do my hair? I think I'm pretty set with the makeup area, but I really have no idea what to do with my hair.
Congrats on your new job!

Wear your hair so it is out of your face is really my only tip. ULTA would be so much fun to work at!
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Re: I Got A Job At Ulta!

congratulations! that is awesome news! i wish you look with your new job!

as for your hair, i agree with Katie.wearing it off your face would be a good idea. you can get lots of nice hair bands in places like Claire's
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Re: I Got A Job At Ulta!

Congrats, that should be a fun job! I wish I could work with makeup!

Anyways I agree w/ the girls above, and headbands are usually a VERY easy and quick accessory. Adds variety instantly
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Re: I Got A Job At Ulta!

Thank you so much! I plan on going shopping very soon. Haha.
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Re: About to apply at ULTA..

I *think* they might require some form of h/s, but I don't honestly know.
Last time I tried to apply at Ulta, it was a paper application. In fact, if you can't find an application directly on the website, then you need to go in and ask.
For most cosmetics jobs, the best advice is always going in full-faced, if you're comfortable with that? It shows your skill level immediately and lets them see what you can do from the very start. I don't know anything about Ulta's hiring [such as, what hoops you have to jump through lol] so I don't know if they require demos like MAC does.

Hope that helps, and good luck!!
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Re: About to apply at ULTA..

I used to work at ulta and you have to apply online, we never had any applications in the store. Also they have seveal different deparments in the store: stock, prestiege, cashwrap, managment and salon. When I worked they you didnt have to nesscarly have to have experiance as an artist to work in prestiege they will someone train you. you get paid hourly w/ no commission. Hope that helps somewhat!
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Re: About to apply at ULTA..

for prestige you dont have to be licenced. you can apply only online
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Re: I Got A Job At Ulta!

new rule for ulta employees is no ponytail
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Re: About to apply at ULTA..

My friend works at Ulta and I think she just applied? I had no idea you had to be a MUA to work there-- most of the girls at the one I frequent don't know a whole lot about the cosmetics they sell there or the color theory. Bizarre.

Good luck- love your Sugarpill tutorial, btw!
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Re: About to apply at ULTA..

this could help too
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Few Questions about working for Ulta.

So, I have a phone interview with Ulta on Monday. Can anyone tell me how many interviews there are? I'm applying for Cashier. I would really love to do the prestige consultant but online it says you have to have a year experience with prestige... Is that true? I've worked retail for 6 years but none of it was in the beauty industry. Beauty has been my obsession since I was old enough to get my hands on makeup but I've never done anything professional. Do you think I should just ask the woman from my phone interview if it would be possible to consider me for the prestige opening also. I'd appreciate any advice you girls can give me. I've read the other Ulta posts on here and learned alot from them. Thanks in advance!!!

Also I haven't worked in the past 2 yrs due to having my son and I feel I'm a bit rusty when it comes to answering interview questions.. Anyone know what kind of questions they ask for the phone interview???
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Re: Few Questions about working for Ulta.

I've read all those posts. THanks
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Re: Few Questions about working for Ulta.

how did it go?
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Re: Few Questions about working for Ulta.

It went good. The interview was really informal probably 3 or 4 questions. The manager said she really liked me and she'd call me tomorrow. I'm wondering now if that was the only interview or if I have to interview with the General Manager also?? Other than that it went well.
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Re: Few Questions about working for Ulta.

It depends of a position. If it is for cashier i think that's all. Did you tell them that you want to be prestige consultant?? You can start as cashier and they can train you in prestige department so after couple of months you can start working as PC.
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Re: Few Questions about working for Ulta.

Yes I told her about my interest in Prestige ans she said exactly what you said. I can def be cross trained in that area. I just got a call from her this morning and I did get the job. Yay, so excited!!!
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