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* Vintage hair tutorials *

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I hope you girls like them, here's a list I put together! I will keep updating it

Rosie the riveter style

YouTube - Rosie The Riveter-Pinup Bandana Look

Curl & side flower

YouTube - Hairdo How To

Headband of flowers

YouTube - Headband of flowers made from your own hair

Rolls & pomp

YouTube - Vintage Hair

Marie Antoinette style

YouTube - Marie Antoinette Hair & Makeup for Halloween- Ask Me Makeup

Vintage schoolgirl

YouTube - Vintage School Girl Hair

Retro ponytail

YouTube - Ponytail Retro Look? Pouf

Victory rolls

YouTube - Reverse Hair/Victory Rolls In-depth Tutorial

5 Minute 40s look

YouTube - 1940s Hair in Under 5 Minutes (Tutorial)

Veronica Lake style

YouTube - Hair Demo: Peek-a-boo

Rolls & flower up

YouTube - Pin Up Hair for the advanced twirler

Fake victory rolls

YouTube - rockabilly 40s 50s hair tutorial fake victory rolls pin up

Pomp with ponytail

YouTube - Making a Gwen Stefani Look

Top rolls with flower

YouTube - Creating a Vintage Look : How to Make Vintage Hairstyles

Big hair

YouTube - Big Hair Tutorial

Curly pigtails

YouTube - Curly Pigtails

Mini behive

YouTube - Ford Models 360 Beauty Beat: Mad Buns of Hair

Ribbon updo

YouTube - Elegant Hair by Johnny Lavoy

40s Inspired updo

YouTube - How To: Red Carpet Hair by Johnny Lavoy

Sophisticated chignon

YouTube - Nexxus Sophisticated Chignon

Double braid updo

YouTube - Double Braid

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Re: * Vintage hair tutorials *

This is awesome, I love vintage hairstyles, and the one with the bandana is really helpful! I just bought a bunch of them for the summer so I could do the retro look =]
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Re: * Vintage hair tutorials *

the five minute hairdo girl is too cute.
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Re: * Vintage hair tutorials *

love love this thread! very useful!! thank you very much!!
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