Eyeshadow Vex - mother of pearl with greenish duo (frost) Fiction - forest green (frost) Jest - golden peach (frost) Theme - deep dirty pink/red (frost) Tilt - duochrome sea blue (frost) Lipstick Jet - sheer black (frost) Bubbles - sheer white (frost) Abstract - sheer pale lavender (frost) Gel - sheer pale golden (frost) Skew - sheer neutral coral/pink (frost) Ionic - grey in tube, pinkish on lips (frost) Blush Margin - golden coral (frost) Frame - deep burgundy (frost) *originally a Large Eyeshadow Nail Polish Haze - match for "Haze" eyeshadow Jet - match for Jet Lipstick Blade - match for Blade Lipstick Bubbles - match for Bubbles Lipstick Abstract - match for Abstract Lipstick