Every wedding I have attended so far and they have been quite a few, I can only remember voices around me “What a wonderful bride she makes!!”, “Look at her beautiful gown. I wonder who the designer is?!”, “Isn’t she absolutely glowing..and look at that blush.” In a wedding, the bride is the focus of attention and well…analysis. The way she looks on that day becomes legendary stories passed down in the don’t snigger, you know it’s pretty much true. So yes all the effort you take in to be the most dazzling bride is necessary. The most important part of being a bride is going to be your dress and make-up. So here is a quick look into bridal- do-hows that will make you the most radiant and gorgeous bride ever.
[h=2]For the Soft and Romantic Bridal look[/h] The demure, bridal look can never go out of fashion. So if that’s the look you want for your wedding, brace up on these essential make –up tips. Opting for a stylist or going the DIY way, this look is all about peaches and pinks. Remember in this look all your features will be equally highlighted and all your features will be equally subdued.
  • Start with a primer before applying foundation. This will give you a well-blended base and also make the make-up last longer.
  • Creamy foundations work best to create that dewy, glorious natural looking skin essential for this look. A great product is Estee Lauder Revelation foundation.
  • Dab a concealer wherever you want to camouflage some dark spots or even out some imperfections to create a fresh looking skin.
  • For blushes stick to pinks and peaches. You cannot go wrong with these. For oily skin go for powder blushes, while for normal to dry skin, cream based pot rouges are a good idea. A good compact will complete your facial make-up for this look. Do not use bronzers or spray tan in this look.
  • The eyes are soft and dreamy in this look. You can start with applying a dab of foundation on the eyelids. Then apply some nude, shimmer eye-shadow on the eyelids. This perks up the eyes immediately. Blend in with a soft satin color eye-shadow just above the crease. This plays down the shimmer but adds depth and romance to the eyes.
  • Finally go for a cocoa or soft brown, cream-based color, just below the brows and blend it in till the outer corners of the lids in a blurred horizontal V. Take waterproof transparent mascara and apply on the lashes. Then apply another coat of light brown, waterproof mascara. It’s versatile and is the perfect shade for maiden-like eyes. And there your eyes are done!! Do ensure you use the right applicator eye-brushes.
  • Complete Mattes are a strict no-no for this look. Coral, baby pinks and pinks are the colors you should opt for on your lips for the soft and romantic look. MAC Peachstock lipstick is a great satin shade for this look, it is warm, sensual and looks divine with a pink gloss. Other muted pinks and rosy intense peaches will complete this look and make you look straight out of a fairytale.
For the Bold and Glamorous Bridal look
The bridal moment hopefully happens just once for all of us and we definitely do want to look our best on this day. Going dramatic is an option many brides opt for, as most of us , ever since high-school haven’t really spent that much time on defining our eyes or picking the right shade of lipstick for going to work or regular outings. But on our wedding we do want to go all the way and look like a diva. Getting this look by yourself or with the help of a stylist requires keeping some basic tenets of bridal make-up in mind. How well our eyes are done pretty much defines how high we really want our glamour quotient to be!!
  • For the glamorous wedding look, look for a really good nude primer that matches your skin tone, applying nude primer over the eyelids ensures your eye-makeup stays longer and gives great photos.
  • The next step for dramatic eyes would be applying gel black or chocolate brown liner on the upper and lower lash lines. Then apply kajal or kohl to the lash lines inside and outside as well. Run it twice or thrice over the lash lines.
  • Play with grey, beige and brown, cream based shadows on the upper eyelids. And finally apply some brown satin eye shadow on the brow bone. Take a small brush and add some shimmer just at the crease of the eyes. Blend in from the inner corners of the eyelid to the outer corners using a fluffy brush.
  • Finally make your eyes look absolutely enchanting with some great strokes of mascara. Splurge on Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter. It will give immense length and volume to your lashes and is waterproof. If you really want to go all the way, glue in some fake eyelashes, preferably the single ones as they look the most natural and add a few more coats of mascara. Make sure you apply it on the lower eyelashes with a small brush to avoid clumping.
  • For the face, apply some liquid based foundation in circular motions evenly on the face. Use an opalescent compact powder on the face to hold the make-up.
  • A nude, peach or deep rose gold, cream based blush will work wonders to fetch you that glamorous yet natural bridal glow. Use a blush brush the size of the apple of your cheeks and contour the cheekbones sharply.
  • Brush on some on the forehead, chin and nose as well. In the end spray some water to ensure the foundation and make-up stays immaculate.
  • The ultimate diva touch to your bridal look will come from your lip color.
  • Apply some foundation on your lips. Take a nude lip liner and define your lips.
  • For a bold bride, the to-go-lip color will always be red. Take a sexy and seductive shade of red and fill in your lips with a brush. Once you have filled in. Take a lip liner a shade lighter than your lipstick and define your lips the second time. Matte finish is the preferred choice. Finally blot and powder to prevent bleeding of the color.