[h=3]Learn how to:[/h] Add Images To Posts And Wikis Create And Edit Image Albums On Your Profile Add Videos To Posts And Wikis * [h=2]Add Images To Posts And Wikis[/h] Upload and Embed an Image from Your Computer
  1. In a forum post or wiki article, find the Image button which looks like this:
  2. Click the button to open the Image Tool.
  3. To upload and insert an image saved on your computer, click "Browse." This open is set as the default when you open the Image Tool.
  4. You will be able to browse your computer to find the image you would like to upload. Simply highlight your desired image and click "Open."
  5. After you select the image, you can adjust the file name as you like before hitting "OK."
  6. You can also add a Description for your image. This Description will appear on the Image Info page and it will appear in a lightbox popover when the image is accessed from a forum post.
  7. Click "OK" to upload the image and insert it into your post or wiki. The image will also be saved to your Default Album accessed on your Profile page.
  8. Once your image is inserted, you can change its size or position. Right click the image and select "Image Properties." Once in the "Image Properties" tool, you can edit the width, height, and the alignment of the image.
* Embed Images From Another Site Using The On Site Image Tool
  1. Click the Insert/Upload Image button.
  2. The Image Tool will open. At the top of the tool, click the "Image URL" tab.
  3. To embed an image file from another site, paste in the URL to an image in the top field. From Photobucket copy and paste the "Direct Link". From most other sites, copy the address from the address bar of your browser.
  4. Click "OK" and the image will be inserted into your post or wiki. The image will be downloaded to your Default Album accessed on your Profile page.
* * [h=3]Embed Images From Another Site Using Cut And Paste [/h]
  1. On any website, open the page with the image of your choice. Highlight the image. In some browsers, you will need to start with the cursor outside of the image and then drag it over the image to select the image.
  2. Use your keyboard Copy function (Ctrl+C on PC computers, Cmd-C or Apple-C on a Mac) to copy the image.
  3. In an open forum thread reply box or Wiki article, place your cursor within the text box. Use your keyboard Paste function (Ctrl+V on PC computers, Cmd-V or Apple-V on a Mac) to paste the image into the window.
* [h=3]Embed Whole Albums from Photobucket [/h] * If you have already uploaded an album to, you can easily embed the whole album in a forum post or wiki article using "Source" mode. Just as Photobucket creates