Moisturizer Foundation = Tinted Moisturizer! So there are two ways you can get your hands on a tinted moisturizer. The first is buy one, and the second is make it yourself! Not from scratch though! Almost every makeup brand has a line of tinted moisturizers; from drugstore to high end. Every brand's tinted moisturizer is different as is everyone's skin type, so you must try try and try until you find the right one for you! When you buy a tinted moisturizer, know this: 1. It it definitely LIGHT coverage. This can be a good thing if you like that, or have decent skin and don't need to cover up red pimples or scars. This can be a bad thing if you need full coverage to cover up scars, etc. Although a way around this is to use a Tinted Moisturizer and use a high pigmented/concentrated concealer over only the spots that need the coverage and make sure the concealer matches your skin tone. 2. They most likely have SPF. This is a great plus because we all need protection from the sun, so this is great for a day by the pool or beach. The down side is that if you are going out for a night with friends and taking lots of photos, you will have a white over cast/glow in your photos because the flash reflects off the SPF, so you might want to stick to regular foundation for going out at night or events where you will be taking lots of photos. Also, some Tinted Moisturizers smell exactly like sunscreen, which is a downer. For that I might as well use Banana Boats Sunscreen! 3. It will most likely leave you with shine or oil. This is fine for dry skin who need the extra moisture, but bad for people with oily skin. For oily skin types, set it with a powder and use blotting pads throughout the day; that's the only way around it. If you don't do this, I promise you that you will be shiny. If you're out at the park all day, then it doesn't really matter does it? Now for making your own Tinted Moisturizer! This is great for oily skin types because you can use your daily oil free moisturizer with your regular non SPF foundation. I pump a quarter size of my foundation on the back of my hand, pump the same amount or less ( depending on the coverage I want that day ) of moisturizer, take my foundation brush and mix the two together and now I have a tinted moisturizer with no SPF and oil free! I also take it down to my neck. Personal reflection: I own two Tinted Moisturizers. One is from Cover Girl (drugstore) and the other from Laura Mercier (high end). The only difference I see from drugstore and high end is NOT quality, it's simply that drugstore brands have a smaller range of colors for different skin tones. I prefer my Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer over my Laura Mercier for many reasons. 1. The price is much less than high end brands. 2. It is creamy and easy to blend. 3. It does not move after I put it on, even if I sweat. Why I don't care for my high end Tinted Moisturizer: 1. It doesn't blend as easily and sometimes get blotchy when trying to blend. 2. Even if I don't sweat, if I touch my face anywhere, Tinted Moisturizer comes off on my fingers. Some people swear by Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer which is why I want to make it clear that this is just my personal opinion and that because everyone has different skin types, it might not do to others what it does to me. I hope this was helpful! Have a great day! -Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera