Have you ever been walking around somewhere and encountered an older woman with the most over done and unflattering makeup? I personally know woman who have fallen victim to bad makeup application. So what can you do to help? With these tips and tricks, maybe you can give them a little makeover to open their eyes. First, let's discuss where mature women can go wrong, and tips to fix them. 1. Many women have the wrong foundation color. Old habits die hard, and many women still test foundation color on the back of their hand. I suggest testing foundation around your collar bone or above your jawbone and at the bottom of your cheek. having the right foundation color is important because having the wrong color can make you look washed out, pale, or ashy, which will only age your appearance. 2. Bright eye shadow colors are a no no. You risk looking like a clown. The older you get, the more you want to emulate youth, and youth looks natural. Therefore, neutral colors are a must. 3. When women are inexperience with makeup, black eyeliner is a bad choice because it is applied wrong and will run under the eyes and make the eyes appear smaller. The older you get, the more your eyes droop, so you want to open up your eyes by using a white or peach eye liner on the water line. 4. Curling the lashes will help open up those dropping eye lids. 5. Stay away from shimmer eye shadows! Yes, they are beautiful and appealing and were used throughout your young years, but once your wrinkles come through, a shimmer shadow will only highlight the wrinkles. A great trick to make those wrinkles unnoticeable is to use matte eye shadows. 6. Just like bright eye shadow is a no no, so is bright blush. Again, mature women want to emulate youth, therefore pale pinks or peaches are great colors for the cheeks. 7. Stay away from white concealers under your eyes. Your under eye concealer should only be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Using a concealer 3 or more shades lighter than your skin tone will highlight under eye wrinkles. 8. To wear the red lip or not? A red lip can age you if not done properly. If you are going to wear a red lip, cover your lips with your foundation or concealer. This will help fill in the wrinkles in your lips and prevent the red lips from bleeding through the wrinkles . Also, using a matte red lipstick is dry and prevents the lipstick from bleeding through wrinkles. A soft eye should be worn with a red lip. But again, if you want to look youthful, a pink, brown or peachy nude is the perfect lip. 9. A great trick for the mature woman is contouring. A common problem mature women have is sagging skin at the jawline. Using a matte bronzer or contour powder on the jawline will emulate a shadow on the area, which makes it less noticeable. 10. Having modern eyebrows. When I say modern, think what is in now. Thick and full eyebrows are in. Many older women still wear that super thin eyebrow or have none at all from plucking and draw in a unnatural eyebrow shape. Quick fix, go to a drugstore or Sephora near you and buy eyebrow stencils and fill in your eyebrows with a liner or eye shadow. Less is more for the mature skin.