There are so many mascaras on the market that promises false lash effect, lash growth, and give volume to your lashes. What is the truth!? Well, sadly you must try many mascaras till you find the right one for you. Why is that? Because we all have different tastes and different lashes. Do you find your lash type here? 1. Short, non existing lashes? Well not to worry, there are many lengthening mascaras for you. What you want in a lengthening mascara is for it to be more on the wet/slick side, so you can brush all the way through your lashes to add a lengthening effect. Also, there are mascaras that contain teeny tiny fibers that are almost like tubes that attach to the ends of your lashes to actually add length to your lashes! Amazing right? But beware, some lengthening mascaras will give you the effect of "spider" lashes, which group a bunch of lashes together, so that you appear to have only 8 individual lashes that go straight up! A good lengthening mascara will give you length but separate your lashes. I recommend Blinc Mascara (this contains those helfpul fibers I mentioned earlier). 2. Long, sparse lashes? Many consider you lucky for your long beautiful lashes, but what you crave is volume! Fear not, there are great volumizing mascaras. What you want in a volumizing mascara is for it to be more on the dry side, that way it clumps up (in a good way) at the base of your lashes to make your lashes appear fuller. I recommend Make Up For Ever's Smokey Lash Mascara. Now that you know what to look for, what about keeping those lashes up? This is when a good eye lash curler becomes your best friend. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Another good tip is to use waterproof mascara. The reason being that regular mascaras contain water and putting water on your hair always brings it down. Waterproof mascara does the opposite and therefore does not weigh your lashes down. Many women have a problem with this because their waterproof mascara (while it may be the same brand as their non waterproof mascara) gives their lashes a different effect. Here is a tip I learned from another makeup artist: take the wand from your waterproof mascara and wipe it through a paper towel, that way you leave behind very little product on the brush. Then lightly comb it through your lashes, just to keep them up. Then go over your lashes with your favorite mascara, and voila! You have great lashes that will stay up all day. Drugstore vs High End I believe it is all about personal choice here. While my favorite mascaras have come from high end brands, that does not mean there are not good mascaras from the drugstore. It's all about the search for YOUR favorite mascara.