Lipstick Kool - pale, sheer lavender Hue - pale, sheer and soft pink Hush - pale, sheer peach Ozone - pale, silver-white glaze Gliss - golden, peach glaze Isis - cool, taupe glaze with an overcast of silver and aqua Cream Color Base Kool - pale, muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl Luna - pale, luminous, cool frosted white Tint - soft, muted mocha with a pale golden pearl Hush - pale, peach frost Eyeshadow Krisp - pale, luminous, frost cool white Hush - pale, peach frost with pearl Chill - luminous satin, cool white Vex - pale, green and greyed frost with pearl (duochrome) Nail Polish Kool - compliment to kool and hue lipsticks Gloss - compliment to hue and gliss lipsticks Ozone - compliment to ozone lipstick Hush - compliment to hush lipstick