There are many different eye primers on the market, and some of them don't have the name primer in it and some primers are colored. Why we love eye primers: 1. They bring the colors of your eye shadow to life! The eye shadow colors show up brighter or simply true to it's color when used on top of an eye primer. 2. They keep your eye shadow on your eyes for a longer amount of time. This is great for people with oily eye lids. You avoid the eye shadow creasing. 3. It helps prevent eye shadow from falling out throughout the day. A few of the eye primers out there: 1. Too Face Shadow Insurance: never tried it myself but it comes in a squeeze tube and goes on transparent. 2. Urban Decay Primer Potion: they first came out with a transparent primer but now have different color primers that are beautiful. I think this primer is great and definitely works. They come in a bottle with a wand, and a squeeze tube. 3. MAC Paint Pots: these are my favorite eye primers. They come in different colors, one which is the color of a beige skin tone. They don't have a transparent primer. I use the color painterly which matches my skin tone. I favor these the most because my skin is so pale around my eyes that you can see my veins and the primer cancels out any other colors. It also makes my oily eye lids non creasing for a whole day! They come in small pots. 4. NYX eye shadow base: these are similar to Mac paint pots in the packaging and the fact that they come in colors; none are transparent. I have not used these myself. My sister has oily eye lids just like me so I get mad at her when she doesn't use an eye primer because the eye shadow fades and creases in clumpy lines in her eye crease. Tsk tsk little sis! Application: On myself I use my fingers. For clients, I use a concealer brush. It's up to you to use what you feel most comfortable with. And don't use too much or else it will be too clumpy. -Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera