• MDM Flow's Supreme lipstick, a colour for confidence

    The Supreme Semi Matte lipstick is just one of the many colours of lipstick offered by the UK company MDM Flow. Based out of London, MDM Flow specializes in lipsticks that work with any skin tone, and all their products are cruelty-free! The inspiration, design, and naming of their diverse product line is heavily influenced by R&B and Hip-Hop culture, allowing you to seamlessly emulate the look of some of your favourite artists.

    The Supreme Semi Matte lipstick has a vibrant dark purplish-red colour that will really bring out your lips, and the lipstick works amazingly well with any skin tone. MDM Flow doesn’t necessarily design their products to fit with a particular style, but they instead design their products to match customers emotions. The Supreme semi-matte lipsticks is a great example of this, the bold crimson colour of supreme is meant to exude feelings of confidence and tenacity, and the name definitely reflects that perfectly. The Supreme semi-matte lipstick currently sells for £15, or $18.45US, and can be bought through several different retailers in many countries across the world, or ordered through their website at mdmflow.com.

    MDM Flow is very customer oriented, they regularly poll their customers every week through their Instagram page to determine what they want, and many of their products are designed based on popular votes or specific requests. On top of this, they respond to both positive and negative feedback very well and are willing to make changes to products if necessary.

    MDM Flow prides themselves as a company that makes products for all women, and their vision for the beauty industry is “for any woman to walk into the store and have as many options as everybody else”. This vision definitely shows through their great selection, making their Supreme lipstick, or any of the other lipsticks in their product line, a great choice to match any skin tone, and a variety of emotions.