Overall Rating: 2
Price [Value]: 3
Packaging Quality: 4
Would you buy this product again? No

With my last purchase of eyelashes from Madame Madeline, I decided to try out Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive because I was nearly out of Duo. This review will do a lot of comparing of the two products.

The positive:
This lash adhesive essentially claims that it's mess free, and that you don't need to wait for it to dry. Both of those statements are true. It is easy to use, and isn't messy (however, I don't think that Duo is messy or difficult, in comparison).
It does seem to dry quickly, and because it's clear you really could just leave the house immediately and nobody would have any idea you just applied false lashes. You literally just brush it onto the lash band and put it on - no waiting for it to get tacky.
The adhesive is clear, and neither thick nor thin. It doesn't run, but it doesn't glob up either. You get a nice, thin, clear application.

The negative:
The fumes that come from this lash adhesive are nuts! They totally sting my eye! I know it's fumes and not actual product getting in my eye, because as soon as it gets NEAR my eye it starts to sting.
Even worse than the fumes? The one time I accidentally got some in my eye, it hurt REALLY bad. Way worse than any time I've ever gotten Duo in my eye.
Maybe it's because the application is so thin, but these do not stay well on my eyes. I've had such bad lifting with them, where I virtually never have that issue with Duo. Like I said, maybe it's because with Duo it's thicker, so there's more of a "bed" of adhesive keeping it on your lash line, and this just doesn't offer that, but either way, I don't like that.
This may not be a negative to some, but I wasn't a fan of how hard this glue is when it dries. It's kind of crystallized. Not a big deal, until you remove the lash and you get a little hard chunk of dried glue in your eye. This may not be a problem for people who use makeup remover when removing falsies, but I like to just pull them off and I didn't like getting dried glue fallout in my eye. A problem I've never encountered with Duo.

I will not be buying this again, and I won't continue to use it. The fumes alone are enough of a detterant. They really do bother my eyes. Once the adhesive has dried, it's fine. And it really doesn't last more than maybe 20 seconds, but for those 20 seconds I am really in pain.

Professionally: I would never use this on a client because of the pain factor. And while I'm sure it's achievable, it would be difficult to use this and keep it sanitary (when using it on clients). It really should be used with a brush, because of the consistency, and you wouldn't want to ruin a makeup brush with it, but for sanitation purposes, you really can't use the wand it comes with repeatedly on different clients. It would be fine to do one swipe on each lash band and be done, but for those occasional times when you need to redo a lash, you wouldn't be able to brush the adhesive back onto the lash to try again, without cross contaminating.

Here are the photos I took of the product, as well as photos of me with eyelashes on, that have been put on using this product.

I'm going to rate this product 2 out of 5. I do like how easy it is to use, and that you don't need to wait for it to dry before doing anything, because it dries really quickly. I also really like that you don't have to wait for it to get tacky. But the fact that it's painful for me to use and that for that reason I won't recommend it to anyone, or use it on a client, I can't rate it more than a 2. The product is a fabulous idea, but it needs some work to make it pain free.