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info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly.
info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Marci. How may I assist you?
Odette: Hey Marci, I have a question about e/s brushes
Marci: Hello Odette!
Odette: Yesterday I purchased the 224 and 222 brush, but I'm not sure I need both, can you explain the specific differences between these brushes?
Odette: Just as and FYI, I am a general makeup wearer, I am new to MAC and don't wear a lot of makeup on an average day, I mostly want a basic set of good quality brushes to use with my shadows.
Odette: Oh, and I also already have a 217 brush.
Marci: Brush #222 will give you stronger definition through the crease.
Marci: You can always use brush #217 in place of #224. Both work well to give that air brushed finish.
Marci: Click here for the Brushes page.
Odette: OK - I currently use my 217 to also apply undereye concealer. Do you think that it would be better to have 2 217s or keep the 224 and just use that one for blending? I have smaller eyes, so I have a feeling that the 217 might be better bc of its smaller size.
Marci: I think you'll be happier with brush #217 for both concealer and eye shadow blending.
Odette: Thanks! I appreciate your advice.