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    julianne hough eyebrows!

    can someone help i want these brows!! they are full and dark but still light enough for her blonde hair! mine are like literally invisible.. what products and i use to achieve these? id even consider dyes thanks!! 44th ACMA
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    FOT.. before I shower and get ready for work

    I was bored so I went to the costume shop and bought a Mehron White Face Paint and tried it as a base.. it really did make my colors brighter but it made blending a little difficult (prob bc its not the cake kind but more of a cream kind).. anyway onto the pics! --> I look stupid in...
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    Wannabe Snowkei!

    I was browzing tuts today and I came across this tut by snowkei: The look is admittedly more beautiful on her but I tried! Tons of pics.. sorry I was camwhoring!! Face: Clinique Dramatically Diff Moisturizer Loreal True...
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    I was bored today so tried something new! Wearing: Merle Norman Base Coastal Scents 88 Palette Mac Carbon Loreal Precision Liner NYX Rea Lipstick Carmex Coastal Scent Blushers Loreal Eyebrightner Eyebrow/Highlight Pencil CG Lastblast This is the look I'm wearing out tonight...
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    wen vs ojon..

    my hair is so dry and damaged... you cant even run your fingers through it really... i know i need to cut my ends off but i want to try one of these products to see if it helps... any suggestions?
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    You know what they say about GREEN M&Ms...

    So instead of cleaning my house like I should be I lurked on Specktra and did a green FOTD. lol Face: Skipped Moisturizer.. oops Bare Minerals in the Light Kit Wet N Wild Bronzer in Rio Radiance CoastalScents Blush Palette Top Row #2 and Bottom Row #6 (as contour) Eyes: Loreal...
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    Some New FOTD's... trying to get better :/

    I'm trying to get better.. gotta keep practicing!! haha I just wish I had bigger eyes for a better canvas! All photos are clickable! CC's welcome!! -- as long as they're not "clean up that room" haha bc i know!! its mostly my bfs stuff tho! This is what I did instead of going to class...
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    Catch up Since 2007... VERYYY PIC HEAVY!

    Ok so these are some FOTDs from 2008 ** In order of most recent to oldest! Face in All: Nivea Creme Bare Naturale nude beige Bare Naturale blush Soft Rose Milani Bronzer #02 Fake Tan Maybelline Blush in Beaming Berry Eyebrows in All: Some CVS brand Brow Defining Powder in Taupe and Mink...
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    So yeah my bf and I were supposed to hang out but of course he stood me up.. ass.. so anyway here's what he missed.. Face Covergirl Concealer Milani Bronzer 01 Maybelline Blush in Beaming Berry Eyes Milani Purple Quad Milani Gold Eyeliner Milani White Eyeliner MAC Prep & Prime in Medium MAC...
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    yay 2 more

    ok yay another one: sry the pics suck.. it was at work.. also excuse the hair it was horrible!! face: milani bronzer 02 eyes: prime and prep primer MAC shroom MAC nyx nude pearl nyx pink pearl nyx mink pearl nyx orange pearl blacktrack liner MAC greatlash mascara and for fun heres an...
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    No more lurking!! (only)-- First FOTD... everrr

    hi im new! yay ok so instead of doing chem2 lab reports im posting m/u pics.. loves it.. and just in case u wanted to see up my nose... (sorry that the images are all diff sizes... seriously i resized them all like 6 times and this is how it came out?!!) ok so i decided to try blues bc...
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    sedu or t3 tourmaline??!!

    please help! my bf stepped on my current straightner (corioliss... crappy w/e)... and i need a new one!! please recommendations!!!!!!
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    suggestions please..

    hi im relatively new to specktra... and i dont post much bc i dont have a digital cammera (bc mine was stolen)... but you guys all seem to give awesome advice so i need your help... ive never had my hair shorter than my shoulders and its really long now and im thinking about doing something...
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    Alexis Vogel

    anyone ever use this system?
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    Shakira's Las De La Intuicion

    Can anyone PLEASEEEE tell me how to create this look??!!