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    What are you reading right now?

    Reading Brave New World by Huxley. INTENSE
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    I am doing a Tolkien rerun again. This week was second in The Hobbit series!!! pure indulgence
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    Is body scrub good?

    wow- never thought about this . i frankly dont feel clean until i have completely used scrubs but yesi think too aggressive a scrubbing can leave body in a worse condition
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    Do you use face serums?

    I have never tried one until now but the Vitamin C one sounds great i am going to take a look
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    Have you ever bottle up you feelings?

    Yo know i used to bottle up anger and shame a lot, this was because i grew up in a place that especially villainized these emotions as negative and non-ladylike. It was as i started working with yoga that I realized how much i was storing inside. I remember the time when i had a breakup with a...
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    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    This is such an absolutely beautiful thread. I do think of makeup as a form of expression especially for women and folx of minority represented genders. and then when that is done for a cause- there are only some things more beautiful than that. Giddens in the chapter Culture and Society looks...
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    What are some good eyeshadow placements for deep set eyes?

    Oh wow! this is an extremely useful thread for me! thanks.
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    Hi, I am Lisa

    Thank youuuu :))
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    Good mascara for watery eyes?

    I am a huge fan of mascara and the look it can give with the least amount of work put in. I am extremely aware of how without mascara, , my eyes look kind of sick. I do prefer Maybelline mascaras too
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    Some tips when asking for recommendations

    oh thank you this really helps a new member like me!
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    Hi, I am Lisa

    Hello I am Lisa and I am newly into makeup- especially because i grew up with a lot of internalized misogyny and thought that makeup and pretty clothes were not for me. I have only recently begun to get out of that and embrace my femininity without wondering about what others would say. I am...