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    How do you keep things fresh?

    I'm curious to how you ladies and gents keep your wardrobe fun! It is so easy to slip into a rut. I like to stock up on basics, and add fun things to them. Shoes are always a fun way to spruce things up! What about you guys?
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    how YOU doin?!

    This is a Wendy William inspired FOTD. I hope you like!
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    Am I the only one that HATES dealing with her skin??

    I can spend an hour on my makeup, but when it comes to skincare? I can't be bothered! I would rather scrub the kitchen floor with a tooth brush, but my skin goes crap without care! What's a lazy girl to do?!
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    Can anyone id this heatherette lippie?

    I won #11 out of this lot. I didn't know there were so many Heatherette lipsticks! Which one is this?
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    Sephora Micro-Mini Haul!

    I'm super excited for this!! It's not alot, but I wanted to get my birthday gift! Sephora Brand Lip Attitude - Chic - Fuchsia Vamp 10 Sample - Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum - 0.05 oz Sample - Fusion Beauty LiftFusion Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Face Lift - 0.011 oz Sample - TOM FORD...
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    Sephora Brand Glitter

    I'm getting this as a GWP from Has anyone tried this? I trust my Specktra ladies more than anyone when it comes to makeup! Fill me in, girlies!
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    Girrrl, take off yo' mama's dress...

    I did my friend's makeup, too! We picked out her outfit together, too!! EYES: EL E/S: Smokey Berry Ice Rose Confetti Mocha Cup Chanel Mascara Cheap NYX black E/L FACE: Random EL blush and bronzer Revlon foundation LIPS: Pop Mode lipglass random Clinique lipstick
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    Are you guys on Gilt?

    This site is awesome! Welcome to Gilt Groupe
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    Lip looks for braces?

    I'm getting braces on Wednesday! I'm wondering about cute lip combos that won't draw attention to the heavy metal in my mouth. Any ideas?
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    LOTD: Red lips looked great on grandma, so I figured I'd tryyy...

    wearing: NYX: black e/l random red l/g and l/l combo
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    Is there a cure for the skank flu?

    T11Y-Lingerie Bikini CLUB GIRL Strawberry SWIMSUITS HOT - eBay (item 180345363979 end time Apr-17-09 05:51:06 PDT) T9G-Lingerie Bikini Sexy CLUB GIRL Panties DANCER HOT - eBay (item 180346922893 end time Apr-20-09 07:12:51 PDT)...
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    Iggy Pop and LisaRaye's lovechild

    People say I look like her, and this hair reminds me of him... I used: Nixie e/s- black sand Nixie e/s- dragonfly Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup EL Petal blush MAC Ornamental l/g and bada bing l/g
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    The smile on your face is as fake as your hair <3

    I pretty much focused on blush and bronzer on this one. I thought it turned out really pretty. I hope I'm not wrong! I used ALOT of bronzer... I forgot what to list what I used! -Clinique's Perfectly Real makeup -Chanel mascara -EL Soft Shimmer Bronzer 02 -EL Rosette Blush -Nixie Taupe...
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    Lookie what I got for my birthday! Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Halloween MARYJANE-50: Shoes I think I need a new outfit to match them, though.
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    Back to School... what's inspiring YOU?

    Yeah, yeah... school looms around the corner. Forget the dumb homework, let's talk clothes! Got school shopping started? Plan on copying certain celebrity style?