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    Help identifying these e/s...

    I found these two pics online, and I was wondering if you guys can help me identify what e/s the first girl and the second girl is wearing...The first one to me looks like firespot with something. Both girls work at MAC,so I'm pretty sure it's MAC they're wearing. I don't own too many MAC e/s...
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    Newbie here!! :)

    Just wanted to say hi to everybody! Glad I found this site!
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    MAC in Philippines other than Manila

    My mom is visiting the Philippines next week, but she's not going to Manila and I really wanted to see if she can get me some makeup (cheaper there!!). She's going to Baguio City, which is about 6 hours away from Manila. They do have an SM mall there, but not sure if they have a store that...
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    Gold quincenera makeup??

    My boyfriend's sister is coming out in a quincenera and they've asked me to do her makeup for that day. What would you guys recommend for a 12-year old, nothing too over the top, but pretty and natural? The dress is going to be gold, so she wants to match the makeup with a nice, shimmery gold...
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    I was at my local mall last weekend and in my search for postcards I looked underneath the shelf close to the cashier where they usually have the face charts. No postcards , but I saw a MAC-azine!!! Never heard of one before, but it looked pretty and looked like it had some good stuff in it...
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    Hello from a newbie

    Hi all!! My name is Liz, and I'm a MAC-aholic. LOL. I'm new to this site, but now I'm addicted! I LOOOOVE MAC makeup! I currently have a new addiction...collecting MAC postcards. I am barely starting my collection though...and as of now I don't have any because my local MAC counters don't...