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    "Ethnic" magazines always confuse olive skin with golden or tanned.

    I hope this is the right board for this little rant. Is it just me, or do most magazines for "ethnic" women confuse olive complexions with golden or tanned? I know most people use the word "olive" to refer to any yellowish medium skintone, and that's okay, but a true olive complexion is...
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    This is kind of 80s, but do you know where to find "color season" palettes for free?

    I especially want a "color me beautiful" type winter palette that's large enough to be worth printing out.
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    Any complete drugstore looks you love?

    Does anyone with a similar complexion to mine (NC45, black/brown hair and dark brown eyes) want to tell me about a drugstore look you love to wear, with a photo of the look (either of yourself or on a brand's website)
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    I just got sephora's summer blockbuster palette, is it any good? What do I do wit it?

    I'm an nc43 with dark lips, dark brown hair, and very deep set brown eyes.
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    The only way to cover up extremely enlarged pores.

    I have extremely enlarged pores across my cheeks and nose, and no amount of foundation will cover them up. First, I scrub my face mercilessly with exfoliating gloves (in this case only manual exfoliation will do). I also use a lotion, toner, or acne pad with 2% salycic acid (hope I spelled that...