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    Second time around<3

    Well hello all my beautiful ladies and gentlemen of specktra . My name is Jerricka, i am from Baltimore MD, and a lover of MAKEUP. This isnt my first time on here , but i kinda started slackin due to work n school . But none the less , im back . Lookin to make new friends ..learn more aboout...
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    Not quite newbie<3

    hey ladies & qents my name is Jerricka . not quite a newbie because ive been a member of spectra for about a year now. i found my self slackin on post and comminq onto the site, but i am back hunny! i look forward to meetin as well as qettin reaquated with friends also learnin and sharinq...
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    not a newbie..just aint been around in awhile

    hey ladies and gentlemen. its me jerricka back on specktra. have been away for awhile but im back!!
  4. s0o_r0qish shadestick keeps clumping!

    Hey ladies, well a while ago i bought MAC's shadestick in corn, and let me tell you, it has been givin me the worst clumpin/cakin problem in the world. I usually put it on over top UDPP, and as soon as i start smothing it out over my lids it starts caking....i even tied blending it with a brush...
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    FAFI Collection...w0c friendly?

    With the new FAFI collection commin out, do you think it will be friendly to us w0c?
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    Betst Drugstore Moisturizer

    ok ladies..i need a good moisturizer that i can find at the drug any recs?
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    Challange: Gimmi ya best DRAG!

    Ok ladies, gimmi ya best Drag Queen look.
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    Come on ladies...i kno yall do it.Well to break the ice i will admit..i mastrubate at least 8 times aday. I dont kno what it is, butits liek i will get an urge, and go off in my little if u kno what i mean. share your experience!
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    Kinda iffy about pullin this look off...

    Well you kno MAC cam out with the Barbie Loves Mac collection. I was lookin at one of the pictures ( im pretty quite shure all of us has seen it) and wanted to pull the look off, but im a little iffy about being a NW45 and using such bright colors.... What do ya think ladies?
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    Ben Nye for w0c

    well im a nw45 and i was thinkin about buyin some ben nye e/s. any of yall use it before? where u satisfied? how bout the cost?
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    Ben Nye..

    Do any body know where i can go to buy ben nye products?
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    The best blues for a nw45-50

    im lookin for a vibrant matte blue....any suggesstions?
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    NW45 in foundation but a NW50 in concealer

    is this likely?
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    Help! i have a lil dry skin problem and i often find myself baffled about puttin lotion on my face before puttin on my makeup. is this a compleate no-no?
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    Daily routine...

    hey ladies...well i was sittin here bored in my room and decided to do my I see that i seem to go through a little routine when i put my make up on as follows: -conceiler -foundation -eyes -lips I was wonderin what is everybody elses, and am i doin it wrong?