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    Online Shopping?

    I was wondering if you all could recommend some online shopping sites based in the US? In particular cheapish and cute handbags? lol. TIA ladies
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    Lippy help

    Im pretty sure this is right place to post this, if not, please feel free to move it. I was messing about with Makeup one night and come up with this look, my Husband just bought himself a new DSLR camera and took this shot. It's a one in a million as I am so unphotogenic. I use it...
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    Vibration Machines?

    Has anyone tried one? I am thinking of getting one in, in addition to my treadmill to see how it goes.
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    Paypal Fees

    Am I the only one who thinks it's shitty that buyers have to foot seller Paypal fees? I wouldn't do it to someone especially if the fees were less than a dollar. It is against policy to make sellers pay the fee anyway. I think sellers should eat the fees, you'd have to on ebay or amazon so...
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    I just recieved these in the mail

    I got these in a swap and I just thought I would check to see if they were real mac. MAC 266SE Annnnd Frostlite Fluidline What I have noticed between the Frostlite and my Blacktrack is that the Frostlite is a tad bit smaller. I got my Blacktrack from a MAC counter so I know...
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    Food For Thought :o)

    I just watched this on tv and it really proved my theory that budget line cosmetics are just as good as higher end ones. Cosmetic showdown Im not sure if overseas Ladies can see this. If not, I appologise.
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    Would you keep certain brands of Nail Polish because they are that brand?

    I am going through all my nail polishes and putting all the similar ones in a pile and going through the ones I do and don't like etc etc. I have a few OPI and CND's too which as much as I like the colours, I don't really like on me but am reluctant to give away because well, they are OPI and...
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    My Hair, aka The curse!

    *sigh* Ok, I have unruly thick, curly and wavy hair, it is also dry and coarse. If I had a dollar for the amount of times I have cried over it and contemplated shaving it off, well, lets just say, I would be a very rich Woman! It is boofy and running a hairbrush through it makes it go beserk...
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    Did MAC ever make pigment samples?

    I just received this in the post from a swap and since reading all the posts on here, I am paranoid lol. Is this fake or not? Thanks in advance, Ladies
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    120 MAC Palette?

    The amount of the 120 palette with mac stamped on them thats popping up on ebay lately is unbelievable. I stumbled across one the other month and some poor sod paid $400 for the thing! As soon as I found it and before the auction ended I reported it but ebay didnt get to it in time. Now that...
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    Please help me decide :o)

    First of all, I am sorry of this is the wrong section, if it is, please feel free to move it. I am tossing up between By Candlelight and Perfect Topping msf, I have blonde hair and blue eyes with pale skin. I'm not sure which shade of foundation I am as I have never really been to mac to get it...
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    I am new here so I thought I would introduce Myself. I am somewhat new to Makeup but know enough of the basics. Still very much a tomboy at heart lol. I am keen to learn more and expand my ever growing makeup collection even faster haha, just don't tell my Husband Ummm what else... I live...