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    My attempt at one of the Halloween face charts!!

    Zipper eyes! It's not exactly like it because I did it from memory.. but I'm kinda proud!! Never really done any 'dramatic' makeup before except bright eyeshadow! Any tips on what I can do to improve? I used.. Face - Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, MAC Dollymix Quad (the bronze...
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    First Ever FOTD!

    so be nice haha I used... EYES; Urban Decay Primer Potion Mac Lustreleaf Eyeshadow Mac Chill Blue Eyeshadow Mac Li'lily Eyeshadow Mac #6 Lashes Diorshow Blackout Mascara Mac Smoulder Eye Khol FACE; Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation...
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    my new bunny

    I just got ehr a few hours ago & i think i'm gonna call her honey!
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    Lure event in Cardiff - 14th June

    is anyone going? & what exactly is it LOL, that must sound so stupid but I've never been to one before? I'm thinking of going 8)
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    Dry skin?

    Lately my skin, especialy my nose & forehead has been really dry. Is there any ways to cute this, or anything? I use mosturiser, but its not really helping..
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    Playboy make up range.

    Has anyone used anything from it? particurly the lipgloss? would you recommend it? I can only order it online & the last gloss i ordered was like glue on my lips :/ so I dont wanna go spending more money on makeup i'll never use haha.