OH MY!! I have looked my entire life for highly pigmented pigment in this exact color. The closest I ever found was MAC's chartreuse which is really a yellow green color.

Kelly is gorgeous. Far more intense and limey than MAC's Kelly, the texture is also nicer, IMO. I have a photo here for you to see as words can not describe how gorgeous this is. For the price of $3 for 10g container(if purchased by dozen colors you choose at a time including shipping), compared to MAC at $19.50 for 7.5g which does NOT include tax or shipping.

I have the other pigments labeled in this photo for you to see as well.

If this is your first sweetscents review, you can get them from www.sweetscents.com. The site is not very good right now, and I heard that she was going to re-do it in 2006, but I have no idea when that might be.

If you have any questions, she is a very nice lady and her email address is on the site. Check my other reviews for more information of the other colors.