Overall 5
Price Value 4
Packaging Quality 5
Buy again? Yes

Luster is one of Pure Luxe's 3-D prismatic pigment powders. Very different than the usual pigment powders, kaleidoscope pigments completely change in color depending on the direction that you look at them.

When on the curve of the eyelid, this leads to some interesting color changes.

Luster is a bright lime green that changes to charcoal silver and a light peachy color depending on which direction you look at them. In order to make the 3D feature work the best, you should apply them to a DARK base (aka Blacktrack Fluidline etc). Using them wet intensifies it even more.

Luster is a pretty color and the color change is nice, but it is not always easy to see the peach.

You can find these at www.pureluxecosmetics.com Look for the Kaleidoscope Colors under the Product section.