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  1. Mandy4610

    MUFE Foundations for WOC

    Hey Ladies, well finding the right foundation shade is probably one of the most frustrating things about makeup. I am really getting so annoyed with the process and I just wanted to start a reference thread for MUFE foundation because I love MUFE's foundation consistency, especially the...
  2. Mandy4610

    MUFE Face and Body

    Does anyone use this foundation? How do you feel about it? I bought it a few days ago. I must say it does not cover much and it drives me crazy that it does not have a pump (they are introducing the pump, but they didnt have my shade with a pump) The MUA said it can be layered, but that...
  3. Mandy4610

    Is it possible to change my username?

    Please help!!! I really need to change my name.
  4. Mandy4610

    Private Messages Problem

    What up with the private messages. I keep deleting them and they keep comingback. Then my new ones disappear Whats with that? It keeps telling me that my inbox is 94% full but it wont get rid of the PM which I have already deleted like 10 times.
  5. Mandy4610

    Mac Ochre Style Alternative

    I was watching a YT video and I saw this. I really like it. I think MAC does not have have it anymore. What would be an alternative to it?
  6. Mandy4610

    Studio Fix And Duo Mat Shades For Nw47/mufe Hd 178

    For those that wear NW47 in studio fix fluid, what shade do you wear in Studio fix powder? The MA recommended N9 to me. It looks like a good match, but due to my hyper-pigmentation, I wondered if getting something a bit darker is better. It is also way lighter than the NW47 SFF when I do...
  7. Mandy4610

    DUDU OSUN Black soap

    Yes, I know the name kinda puts you off! Where can I buy the genuine one? Is this the same as the black soap from Coastal scents? If not please help me figure out the difference. Amazon has Dudu Osun but I am not sure if it is genuine. Please help.
  8. Mandy4610

    What Is Your Acne Treatment Line/regimen?

    I got a sample 3 step kit of Clinique acne treatment solutions from Sephora. I will be using it for the next few days to see how it does. (Reviews anyone?) They claim that you see a difference in a matter of days I have been using Black soap and Shea butter for the last 4-5 weeks and I have not...
  9. Mandy4610

    I Needed A Little Retail Therapy :)

    So I went to MAC and Sephora. Works like a charm.... MAC pencil-Coffee, SF powder-N9, e/s-Glamour check, Lipgelee-Saplicious, Prep+prime SPF50 Sephora e/s brush, Clinique Dramatically different Moisturizing gel, Clinique Acne solutions sample kit (free). __________________
  10. Mandy4610

    Plushglass, Lipgelee And Lustreglass

    AA ladies which do you prefer? I am looking for something that has no glitter, is not sticky, is sheer and lastsIt also has to have some moisturizing factors to it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Mandy4610

    MUFE HD 178= What MAC shade?

    Argghhhh, the shade search continues. So here I was thinking that NW47 was my best shade. Then I tried NW50 and I thought it was better than NW47 and then I get told that NW50 looks way too dark in natural light and that NW47 does not look right either. So now what? I thought I got it down...
  12. Mandy4610

    NEUTROGENA Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Moisture SPF 30

    Has anyone tried this before? My DH saw it on TV and told me about it, but I wanted to check if you guys have any reviews before I purchase. Is it oil-free? I only moisturize at night, can I still use it even though it has SPF? TIA
  13. Mandy4610

    Whats a good Brown Veluxe Pearl e/s?

    Help!!!! I have twinks and embark and I need one more neutral/natural look e/s. I am looking for a dark brown veluxe pearl. Any suggestions?
  14. Mandy4610

    WOC MSF in Warm blend

    What do you think about it? What do you use it for? Is it too sparkly? Any pix of some looks with it? Thank you ladies!
  15. Mandy4610

    What is the purpose of doing all these steps?

    So in skincare we have: Cleansers Toners Exfoliators Masks Peels The cleanser is a given, but what is the purpose of the rest of it? It is all necessary? Do you do them all, or just a combination? What products do you use for each category? Just trying to understand what they all do, so I can...
  16. Mandy4610

    Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

    It has rave reviews and I am ready to try it. Question, is the tube formula the same as the jar formula? If not, whats the difference and which do you prefer?
  17. Mandy4610

    Blotting/Touch ups on the go!

    When you bring along your blot powder pressed in your purse for touch ups, what do you use to apply it? I bought a Too faced retractable Kabuki, but I am not 100% satisfied with it so please recommend something. TIA
  18. Mandy4610

    Come In And Vote Please!!!!

    I am searching for a good primer. I have done my research and it is down to six choices. I have oily acne prone skin. I need something that is oil free I need something that won't clog my pores I need something that will help my foundation last through the day. Please vote!
  19. Mandy4610

    Espresso vs Embark for WOC

    Which do you prefer for multipurpose? What "not so obvious" colors go with them? and by "not so obvious" I mean very subtle, barely there colors. Thanks
  20. Mandy4610

    I saw this site right here on specktra. Is this for real? Makeup Brushes - Makeup Brush Online Sales