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  1. mirandamir

    How to improve my eyes?

    Ohhh I see. That might be it.....
  2. mirandamir

    Im considering taking out a loan to build freelance kit, is that crazy?

    Totes agree! Nothing crazy about that. I mean people get loans for their own reasons. Let's take e-commerce businesses or artists as an example. Obviously, the industry is booming right now cause of the pandemic and most of the people's purchases are done online. Most of the people I know took...
  3. mirandamir

    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    Benefit's POREfessional primer has always been my go-to.
  4. mirandamir

    How to improve my eyes?

    That interesting! Thank you! I've always been scared of to be honest cause I have friend who does the same thing but complains about it being cakey at the end of the day. I'm assuming she's using the wrong shade for hers.
  5. mirandamir

    How to improve my eyes?

    Won't that add like cakey/powder effect after a long day?
  6. mirandamir

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2021

    Excited about this!!!!
  7. mirandamir

    Anxiety, Depression and Stress During the COVID-19 pandemic

    The pandemic definitely has definitely affected everyone's mental health. I mean just not being able to socialize was a problem in itself and also people getting laid off, business closing, and more. It was an absolute Just to share, during the first few months of the pandemic I got laid off...
  8. mirandamir

    Is body scrub good?

    This is something new. What happens when you add some olive oil? Does it moisturize it more?
  9. mirandamir

    What do I do with my eyebrows shape?

    My eyebrow we're like before, I used some argan oil and it somehow worked on mine and on my lashes.
  10. mirandamir

    Have you ever bottle up you feelings?

    I thought I'd share this here cause I really cannot keep it anymore and hope none of my coworkers are here. But I work as a campaigns specialist for a tech company. So what I basically do is automate workflows for our sales pipeline and make sure all projects are up to date. I know it sounds a...
  11. mirandamir

    What is your the worst travel experiences?

    Went to Mexico for spring break and was hammered pretty much the whole trip. Lost my phone, my camera, and I almost lost my passport.
  12. mirandamir

    KMS MOISTREPAIR Hydrating Oil

    Thinking of sending this to my boyfriend since you mentioned beard, so I can get it for free haha
  13. mirandamir

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2021

    I had to get mine from a reseller :(
  14. mirandamir

    What do you do after working out?

    Same!! But that's after having my protein shake.
  15. mirandamir

    How do I prevent my skin from dullness and pimples?

    Same question as above. Also remember, it has to be consistent. I used to buy a lot of those trendy skincare hacks but it didn't work for me. I think it best to get advice from a dermatologist, so they can recommend the perfect skincare routine for you. I had the same dilemma before and have...
  16. mirandamir

    Hello! New to the community!

    Hey everyone! I'm Mimi (short for Miranda). Excited to be a part of the community. xoxo Mimi