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  1. Lilli-Marleen

    1920's Look

    Hello girls I decided to make a journey and ended up in the 1920's. I had a lot of fun to create this look and I hope you like it and you are inspired. Face Balea Tagescreme as "Base" MAC SculptNC15 Manhattan Wake up Concealer Alverde Camouflage No.I MAC Blot Powder Light Catrice Mineral...
  2. Lilli-Marleen

    Spring Color Forecast Haul

    I'm so glad I got my Wishlist-stuff today. I would have taken so much more but MAC is too pricy here in germany
  3. Lilli-Marleen

    I couldn't sleep last night...

    so I decided to do a make up Sorry that the close up isn't that good. I took the pics with the cam of my mobile phone. Face Alando Daycreme as "Base" MAC SculptNC15 MAC Studio Lights Jade Concealer Nr. 21 Eyes MAC Preep+Prime Eyes Light MAC Fluidline Macroviolet MAC Pigment Deep Blue Green MAC...
  4. Lilli-Marleen

    First Paint Pots and some Pigments

    Allthough I buy MAC for almost a year now I had no paint pots until last weekend (our counter doesn't sell them). I'm soooo glad to own them now. They're are wonderful and so pretty. Paint Pots Fresco Rose Artifact Rubenesque Pigments Vanilla Pink Opal Melon Rose
  5. Lilli-Marleen

    Kisses for you ;-)

    Face Nivea Soft as "Base" MAC SFF NC15 Manhattan WAke up Concealer Jade Concealer Nr. 21 Fix+ MSF Blonde Eyes Preep+Prime Eyes Light MAC Yoghurt MAC Sable MAC Vanilla Fluidline Dipdown Chanel Exceptionnel Kron Kajal Champagner Lips MAC Syrup MAC Underage Lipglass
  6. Lilli-Marleen

    Different soft styles

    Here are some of the looks I did in April. Enjoy! Skin MAC Preep+Prime Skin MAC SFF NC 15 MAC Fix+ Manhattan Wake up Concealer Jade Concealer No 21 Blush Well Dressed Face (Pic 1) Hepcat e/s Vanilla e/s Dazzlelight e/s Blacktrack f/l Plumfull l/s I forgot the gloss... Face (Pic 2) Hepcat e/s...
  7. Lilli-Marleen

    Purple to go

    Eyes *Preep+Prime Eyes Light *Yoghurt *Satellite Dreams *Fig. 1 *Violet Pigment *Vanilla *Pearlglider Rave Face *SFF NC 15 *different Concealer from Jade and Manhattan *Well Dressed (I love the shimmer :-)) Lips *Syrup l/s
  8. Lilli-Marleen

    Now I'm glad :-)

    Hi everyone, I just want to say "Hello" to all of you. I'm 25 years old, from Germany and a huge MAC FAN since may 2008. I'm reading on this side for a few months now and I think it's time to be a part of it I love this side and sharing my interests with all of you Have a wonderful day