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  1. fabulousmoolah

    Fake Dame Edna Beauty Powder? I'm looking for What A Dame! and came across this. It doesn't have a signature or overspray and has an unknown name "Delicacy". Was...
  2. fabulousmoolah

    Ideas for storing Mac pigment in new jars?

    I see most girls like storing the pigments upside down in the old jars but the new ones don't have a flat lid. Mine are just in a drawer but does anybody have a better way? I'm thinking of getting a nail polish wall rack for them.
  3. fabulousmoolah

    No Valentine's Blush this year?

    I just looked for it on the site and it's not there, only 3 weeks away from V-day. I love holiday editions and look forward to them. Does anybody know if they're going to put one out this year?
  4. fabulousmoolah

    Mac pigment bottom stickers

    Can some of the experts here give some details about what stickers are what? For example some older ones were clear, some didn't have the impressed stamp for the number and of course now they have the impressed stamp. When did they switch over from clear and when did they switch...
  5. fabulousmoolah

    Hi! I'm new here;)

    I'm a member at makeupgeek and see a lot of people belong to both forums. I like looking through swatch pics and reading reviews since I buy most of my makeup online.