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  1. sayah

    Sulphate free deep conditioner? Help!

    Hi guys! I'm thinking of switching to sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Do you have any favourites to recommend? My hair is dry with some natural curls and my hairdresser told me that I can skip conditioner and use a leave in type product or treatment instead for extra...
  2. sayah

    Matte/satin shadows for a quad, help please!

    I'm looking to make a Bobbi Brown-ish quad. You know, wearable neutrals that bring out my eyes and make me look polished and like I just wake up that way. I'm thinking mostly matte or satin shadows, no glitter or shimmer. Do you have any ideas? I have grey-blue eyes, NW10-ish skin...
  3. sayah

    NARS duos for blue eyes?

    Hi lovelies! I'm looking for a couple of duos to bring out my grey/blue eyes. I don't have any NARS eye products yet, so give a virgin some help, please! I have a bit of a Snow White thing going on with fair skin and dark brown hair, if that helps.
  4. sayah

    Game of Thrones

    Any fans here? I love the show and I'm reading my way through the books. I read the first book, then watched the first episodes, and now I have about 100 pages left of the second book and my heart in my throat. It's so exciting... and heartbreaking!
  5. sayah

    Worth getting some Cream colour bases?

    I feel the need for a new highlighter. I don't have something like a Cream colour base, the closest would be Bare Study PP. Are the products close? Is it worth getting a CCB simply for highlighting? Hit me with your knowledge!
  6. sayah

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Anyone watching? The second semi-final just aired here and I'm so happy that both Irish Jedward and Swedish Erik Saade went forward to the final! Who are your favourites? Check out if you don't know what I'm talking about or want more info!
  7. sayah

    Red lips for superpale people

    I'm NW10-ish and looking for some red lipstick. Preferably MAC. I have Cockney, which I find a little bright, and Hot Tahiti, which I looove. Another fave is Viva Glam Cyndi. My main cause of concern is looking washed out or overtaken by the red. Any suggestions?
  8. sayah

    The UK Royal wedding!

    Are you watching? What do you think of Kate's makeup? Are you crushing on Harry?
  9. sayah

    MAC Cosmo = NARS Dolce vita? Yes/no?

    - I hope I posted this in the right forum! - I've heard that Cosmo is a more pigmented version of Dolce Vita - any opinions?
  10. sayah

    Really thick, coarse hair

    Does anyone else have this? How do you take care of your hair? I just chopped off 6 inches and find my hair much more easy to work with. It's so light!
  11. sayah

    Sable or Twinks + Dame or Pinch O'Peach?

    I'm getting me some new MAC goodies but I'm having trouble choosing. What would you choose, and why, from Sable/Twinks and Dame/Pinch O'Peach? I'm NW10-ish, so pale, with dark brown hair, and I have blue-grey eyes. Thanks for helping!
  12. sayah

    Dealing with stressed out people

    My close friend is seriously stressed right now. He's had it rough since this fall and it's beginning to take it's toll. Natural, I know, but not so easy to deal with at times. I'm one of the few he feels he can talk to about more difficult stuff. I do my best at mixing "suck it up and do the...
  13. sayah

    Siberia - light enough?

    I've tried what feels like every liquid foundation the market has to offer. No luck. Every shade is too yellow or dark! I'm NW10-ish. All liquid MAC foundations are too dark for me. Now I've read rave reviews about the Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia and I'm here to ask for your...
  14. sayah

    Milani baked blush

    I'm thinking of getting one or two of these but I want more info first. Do you have any experience?
  15. sayah

    Does HE want to be more than friends?

    I really can't tell. Quick background: I've been chatting with this guy, let's call him D. for about 2-3 months now. We play the same sports and I approached him about getting tips for my training. He's competed a lot and have experiences that I can benefit from. Over these months I've been...
  16. sayah

    Red blush on NW 15, what do you think?

    I love blush! I'm pale and blush instantly makes me look more awake and.. there are just so many reasons for loving blush. I have several pink tones, peachy pinks, bluish pinks, peach, corals, some neutrals... but i don't have any red. I'm thinking of trying something raspberryish or more wine...
  17. sayah

    How much flirting is okay?

    I've been in a relationship with a wonderful guy for seven years. I really love him. And/but now I don't really know if someone is flirting with me or just being friendly. Heeeelp! Basicly, can you give me some examples of what you think is okay and what is not okay?
  18. sayah

    So glad I found this forum!

    I'm just starting to write posts and I'm soo grateful for every respons and the help I'm getting. Also, if I'm lacking inspiration one day, all I have to do is look at some FOTDs. I guess what I'm meaning is thank you for making such a wonderful forum!
  19. sayah

    Help me choose 2-3 new neutral e/s!

    Hi guys I mostly have e/s with fun colours. Purple, bright blue, pink, green etc. I love Sketch, Expensive pink, Paradisco and just bought the warm e/s palette. Now I'm leaning towards getting some matte neutral ones. The don't have to be matte but not with a lot of shimmer. Do you have any...
  20. sayah

    Budget-dupe for Love nectar

    I've had such great succes with my previous questions here that I'm asking once again. I love Love nectar. Unfortunately my cap broke and I don't have the budget to get a new one now. Do you know of any budget-dupes?