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  1. Septemba

    Shu's Mascara Basic

    Any fans of the Mascara Basic? I've been thinking about picking up a tube for a while to see how I go. I originally tried Clinique Naturally Glossy but couldn't deal with the smudging and non-existent gloss!! My perfect mascara would just give subtle definition with a bit of colour and NO...
  2. Septemba

    Lipliner for Ruby Woo?

    From what I've seen, I think I've found the MAC red lippie I want in Ruby Woo! I'd like to get a lipliner with it but I'm not sure which one to buy, I'm new to lipliners so it's all a strange new world for me! I want to keep the colour as true as possible but give a good frame for the lippie...
  3. Septemba

    Is a lip brush necessary?

    I've been thinking about whether or not a lip brush is necessary. I can see where it might make sense for highly pigmented lipsticks, but I was wondering whether or not you think it improves the look and application of others?
  4. Septemba

    YLBB (Your Lips But Better) Lipsticks & Glosses

    Mine so far are VGV and Syrup (applied lightly) I don't have any MLBB glosses yet but I'm hoping the VGV glass will be just as nice. What are yours? YLBB = "Your lips but better" Just so everyone can participate
  5. Septemba

    Enabling for a lippie haul please!

    I've got a baby collection of MAC lippies so the time has come to go a'haulin. So far I've got Hue, Myth, Missy, Pure Rose, Pretty Please, Syrup, VGV and Lollipop Lovin'. I like soft pinks, nudes and peaches and I want to get more but I need to branch out a bit too so I'm open to anything...
  6. Septemba

    MUFE/MAC Foundation Shade Conversion

    I thought it'd be a good idea to have a list of MAC foundation shade equivalencies in MUFE. Some of us don't have MUFE counters near us and the MUFE system can be so confusing! From what I've read, I think #20 in Face & Body is equivalent to NW20? And #38 in Face & Body is suitable for a lot of...
  7. Septemba

    Disguising lip cracks? Smoother lips

    I've recently noticed that I've got more lip cracks/lines on my lips than I thought I did. No biggie, but it makes some lippies look a bit dry/tired... Is there any way to fill them in or disguise them? Gloss helps a bit... I was thinking of maybe a lip primer? Any recs or ideas? TIA guys
  8. Septemba

    Out of stock products on

    I've never bought from, I usually go into the city to buy my stuff but I won't be able to get in for a while and I need a hit!! But the lippies I want to buy are out of stock. Boo. Does the online shop generally have a fast turn around for sold out products? Or could I be...
  9. Septemba

    Shadow recs for mini-haul!

    I'm slooowly building up my MAC shadow stash and going into the city later this week for a mini-haul. I need some help though! I know the tones/basic colours I want but I'm not sure on the specific shadows. If it helps, I'm a PPP with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I think I want actual...
  10. Septemba

    Does your face hate glycerin?

    I was really excited to try the glycerin/water serum as a moisturiser a few months ago, but every time I have I've found that it breaks me out. At first I thought that perhaps bacteria got into the bottle somehow, but then I was using a 10% glycerin sorbolene and that broke me out TOO! I do...
  11. Septemba

    Outsmarting the exchange?

    It seems like makeup can get so expensive in Oz. I'm kicking myself for not buying up big overseas when the exchange was so good. Has anyone ever tried outsmarting the exchange by ordering from overseas with any success? Any advice?
  12. Septemba

    Faking freckles?

    I was just looking through some FOTDs and noticing some really beautiful girls with a few freckles. I freckle myself, but because I keep right out of the sun they've all faded... or exist very slightly in most non-sensical places such as the side of my nose. I love freckles!! I think a little...
  13. Septemba

    A pastel-ish, creamy peach l/s? Inspiration pics inside

    When I saw this pic for the Cremesheen collection, I fell in love with the colour on the model's lips. I assumed it was Ravishing l/s and desperately wanted it. But then I checked out some FOTDs and it is so different IRL to the pic. I think it's my monitor, because when I look at the pic...
  14. Septemba

    Cult Classics!

    I thought it would be interesting to have a thread about cult classic makeup. I know some of it can be so overrated but I've jumped on the bandwagon a few times and have either found a HG or been introduced to an awesome label. So what are some cult classics that spring to mind for you? Like...
  15. Septemba

    Clip in extensions and short hair?

    I shaved my head months ago and am now growing it out. It's kinda a pixie cut now, hard to explain well but my fringe goes past my eyes and the back section of hair goes to just above my shoulder. It's all the same length but looks sort of layered because I haven't done anything to it since I...