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  1. xcoco

    Looking for a body bronzer for a photo shoot

    Hi, I have a photo shoot in 2 days and won't have time to order a body bronzer online, so I am looking for a good one that would be available in stores, that would make me look darker and brown. What would you recommend? Thanks
  2. xcoco

    Best MAC eyeshadow to use to fill in dark eyebrows?

    Hi, I have jet black hair and my natural hair color is dark brown so my eyebrows are pretty dark. I am looking for a matte brown eye shadow to fill them in. I don't want my brows to look too harsh and want them to look a little lighter. What would you recommend? Thanks!
  3. xcoco

    Eye makeup remover to clean brushes? My foundation won't come off my brushes...

    Hi, I was wondering if it was bad for my brushes if I use makeup remover to clean them? I am using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it's so hard to get it off my brushes! I use a shampoo and MAC brush cleanser after and it doesn't even remove half the product on the brushes... So now I...
  4. xcoco

    Foundation for legs?

    Hi, I am not sure if there is such thing as foundation for legs... LOL my legs are very pale and unable to tan... I also have some redness and many little pimples it makes me feel so bad... I love the shape of my legs but I am scared to wear shorts or skirts because of the color of my legs...
  5. xcoco

    White residue at the opening of the mouth when wearing lip products

    Hi, I really like wearing lipstick or lipgloss and I always moisturize and put lip balm before applying any lip product on my lips. It looks very good but after a few hours, especially when I talk alot, I guess my lips get very dry and there is alot of dead skin/white residue (I am not sure how...
  6. xcoco

    MAC foundation shades - Estee Lauder double wear shades

    Hi, I have always used MAC studio fix fluid foundation and tried Estee Lauder double wear once since I heard so much great reviews about it and find that it covers and stays on alot better than MAC studio fix fluid, but I really have trouble choosing the right shade. I used to wear NW shades...
  7. xcoco

    Affordable moisturizer for combination skin to help make-up stay on longer

    Hi, I've been using Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer with spf15 for years now and really want to switch moisturizer. I don't want anything too expensive and would prefer something less than 35$. What moisturizer would you recommend for combination skin that would help my face makeup...
  8. xcoco

    MAC tinted lipglass that are similar to MAC dazzleglass?

    Hi, I love how shiny and sparkly MAC dazzleglass are but I find that they are expensive for the amount of product that you get. Plus, they aren't very pigmented and I like the formula of the tinted lipglass much more. They are also cheaper and more pigmented. Is there any tinted lipglass that...
  9. xcoco

    Getting ready for a night out after a long day of work or school

    Hi, I don't know if it's the right place to post this, but do you ladies remove all your makeup and reapply everything from the start after a long day of work/school or do you just add more makeup for a night look? These days, when I am going to school I just wear foundation, concealer...
  10. xcoco

    Using lipliner with a different lipstick color

    Hi! I never used lip liner before but I just started recently. Spice lip pencil from MAC is the only one I have for the moment LOL and I was wondering if the lip liner and lipstick HAVE to be the same color? Because I have alot of lipsticks & lipgloss and most are alot lighter than this lip...
  11. xcoco

    Need help mixing hairdye!

    Hi, I want to buy Inebrya Ice Cream Hairdye in jet black to dye my hair jet black again since it faded. I tried almost all the jet black hair dye out there and they never stay and always fade. Inebrya is available for sale in drugstores but it's still a professional brand from what I read on...
  12. xcoco

    Good fake tan that is not too expensive available in Canada?

    Hi! I am looking for a good fake tan, not too expensive that would give me a nice brown bronzed color, I am naturally really pale. I was also wondering if there is any product that exist that would color my skin when I apply it (kinda like makeup or foundation) and also tan my skin at the same...
  13. xcoco

    Helpp!!! Going to the tanning bed

    Hi, I know tanning beds are bad for the skin but I really want to get a tan fast! I am naturally an NW20 but my body is very pale and white. I want to achieve a tan like this color: I am currently using self tanners but they don't tan very fast and I was wondering if it's a good idea going...
  14. xcoco

    Peachy nude lipstick recommendation

    Hi! I am looking for a peachy nude lipstick color and I am an NW30. I usually wear pink lipsticks or myth and I just noticed that I don't have any peachy lipstick! LOL Any recommendations? Thanks
  15. xcoco

    MAC sculpting powder for NW30?

    Hi! I want to order MAC pro sculpting powder but I don't know which shade I should buy. Should I get definitive, shadowy, sculpt or bone beige? Thanks
  16. xcoco

    Very shiny & glossy lipglass that can be used over almost ALL lipsticks?

    Hi! I already have many lipsticks and lipgloss with colors. I am looking for a lipglass that can be used like a clear gloss, over most lipsticks without changing the color. I don't really like clear gloss because I prefer when it's very shiny, frosty or sparkly like most MAC lipglass with...
  17. xcoco

    Christina Aguilera skin tone?

    I love Christina Aguilera skin tone! She looks fair but sometimes she looks so tanned at the same time. I was wondering how she gets that tanned look and what MAC foundation shade would you say she wears? Thanks
  18. xcoco

    How to apply blush like her & what blush is she wearing?

    Hi! I love the way she applies her blush, how can I apply it like her? Is it kinda like contouring? I also love the blush she is using, which one would you recommend? And I know that some people would say that she looks orange but I love her skin color! Which MAC foundation shade would you say...
  19. xcoco

    Should I go to the tanning bed or not?

    Hi, I am very pale and I used to like it that way but I noticed that I really look alot better tanned! I am currently using bronzer & a darker shade foundation and it doesn't look fake but I want my face and body to look darker. I am thinking about going to the tanning bed but I never went...
  20. xcoco

    Jet black hair? Is it true that hair dyes from drugstores are really damaging?

    Hi, I love really black and shiny jet black hair. I dyed my hair black almost 7 times already because the hair dye never stays and always fade. I don't really know why, it's weird since my hair is naturally dark brown and I always use shampoo and conditionner made for colored hair. Today, I...