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    Dewy skin - office look :)

    Hi girlies I am on accutane and noticed my skin is getting better :) yayyyyyyyyy after 14 years of suffering from acne! FOTD: Skin : laura mercier hydrating primer mixed with shiseido sunscreen spf 50 Chanel stick concealer (don't remember the shade number ) Face...
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    Need recs for a bikini

    Hi I want to buy a bikini from and cannot decide between the two.. can you girls help me choose please? thanks!
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    Nail polish haul

    I am so excited. I just got my new nail polishes and I love opi and zoya
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    Nail polish haul

    I am so excited. I just got my new nail polishes and I love opi and zoya
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    Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    Hey lovelies, I just got 6 zoya nail polishes and 1 OPI. What is your favorite zoya nail polish. So far I have posh,ibiza,malia, perrie,zara,drew. I am liking posh and perrie more. zara needs atleast 2-3 coats for the color to show up
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    I have about 3 watches right now. one from esprit (I like to wear this on special occasions) one from giordano (I like the design but the service is bad and the stones have fallen off) and my new latest addition is a DKNY watch Square White DKNY Logo Cuff so does anyone collect...
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    Birthday Haul pics

    Its my birthday tomorrow and here is what I got today mac lashes in 36 and 48 mineralize skinfinish natural in medium dark painterly paintpot espresso eyeshadow refill shu uemera eyelash curler ♥ this one It is my friend's but I just placed an order on ebay today I cant wait to wear false...
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    Need recs for the lipstick and products used in the Troy Jensen video

    Hi Lovelies, what products is Troy Jenson using in this video.. Especially interested in the lipstick.. love that pink color YouTube - TROY JENSEN TV + TANYA @ VISION MODELS Thanks in advance
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    simple Indian wedding look

    Went to a friend's wedding.. here is what I wore, pics arent that great and I am still not great with applying eyeshadows but I am learning :P mac nc 300 hyper real chanel loose powder chanel bronzer in terre ambre chanel blush in enchanteresse mac shimpagne for highlighting cheekbones...
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    Face Atelier

    Foundation pics Face atelier foundation #5,#6,#7,zero minus, zero plus
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    recs for Nicole Scherzinger's look.. HOT!

    Hi girls, I need recs for this look.. mac dupes ? I am interested in her eyeshadows and blush,bronzer,highlighter.. Thanks so much ..
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    Mac eyeliner brushes 210,209,208 with blacktrack fluidline

    Hi hope this helps someone. Mods, please move this thread if needed. mac black track fluid line -used mac 210,209,208 brushes
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    (SOS)Please identify the brush(youtube)+pic

    Hi can someone identify the brush she uses for the face? she also uses a brush on the model's neck and shoulders YouTube - Celebrity Makeup Artist, Nakeah Fuller in Action! can you identify what other products the make up artist uses??? Thanks a ton!
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    Barbie Real doll ;)

    Im sorry about the quality of the pics(webcam) I lost my phone . I hope I can get one for my bday next week My second fotd on specktra list of products used: face: MAC SFF NC42 CHANEL loose powder fix + cheeks: Chanel Enchanteresse joues contraste Brunette MSF eyes: mac moth brown mac...
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    blonde redhead brunette msf for NC 42

    I want the new msfs - I am NC 42 so what msf do you recommend from the blonde redhead brunette collection? Thanks
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    MUFE concealer or MAC concealer?

    I need to cover up my acne spots and zits .. some red, some are darkish brown and I donno how to hide them so do you suggest the MUFE concealer or MAC concealer? Also can I use my finger or do I need to get a brush for this?
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    MUFE- concealer shade help

    I am NC 42 , yellowish skintone with some acne scars. Can you suggest what shade of MUFE concealer should I use? Should I use the full coverage one that comes in a tube or the 5 colour palette..? can you also suggest what shade I would be in MUFE foundation? Thanks so much
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    what eye shadow is this blonde hottie wearing??

    I jus saw this video on youtube (it is my younger sister's favourite song) I think the blonde looks hot lol I want to know what eye shadow she is wearing in this video YouTube - milk and honey - didi please see the attachment as well.. 2 Pics of her in 2 different videos. Thanks so much
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    Knee pain (running)- Need advice

    Hi I would like to know if anyone of you have chondromalacia(knee pain)I love running and well I overdid it at the end of January 2008.Ever since I havent been running.My orthopedic gave me MSM, Glycosamine and Chondroitin tablets.I started taking them since march.. I am doing well now - No...
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    NC 300 In hyper real- what shade in Face& Body , SFF?

    I need help with foundation shades...I dont have a MAC counter in my city and ordered Mac Hyper real in NC 300 online. *randomly* and it turned out to be a perfect shade!! I am NC 300 in Mac Hyper real foundation.What shade would I be in Studio Fix fluid and Mac face and body?I have yellowish...