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  1. dramatEYES

    Outgrowing my Storage :(

    Just a few months ago I got the 10 drawer thing from Office Depot to store all my make-up (you know...the plastic one that everyone and their mother has) but I've quickly filled it up. It's about time to get a bigger storage unit and I know y'all have some AWESOME set-ups. I'm looking...
  2. dramatEYES

    My Vanity/Collection (Pic Heavy!)

    Certainly smaller than lots of collections here, but it serves me well I've only been collecting for a few months so hopefully it'll continue to grow. Vanity Overview Brushes Drawer 1 - Face Products Drawer 2 - Blushes Drawer 3 -...
  3. dramatEYES

    Fake Ripe Peach?

    I got a Ripe Peach Blush Ombre from a Livejournal sale last week and am a bit worried if it's authentic or not. The label looks right and all, but where MAC is printed on the plastic cover, it's upside down. With all my other blushes, MSF's, etc. the "MAC" printing faces the button to open the...
  4. dramatEYES

    What do you consider "cheating"?

    About 7 months ago, I ended a relationship with my then-boyfriend. Recently, though, we've started talking again and have been on a few dates and all that...nothing too serious. What always bothered me about him was that I felt I couldn't trust him, mostly because of what he considered...
  5. dramatEYES

    Lipstick Newbie!

    Up until just recently, I had never been a "lipstick girl". I always thought it looked way too obvious on me and just a bit awkward. I told this to a girl at the MAC counter just a few weeks ago and she simply said "then you haven't found the right one!" I thought that over for about a week and...