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  1. NFTP

    Sephora, Longs. I cant resist a sale.

    from sephora-(none of this stuff was on sale, but they finally had primer potion restocked) makeup forever brush cleaner-15 urban decay primer potion-14 rose bud salve-6 makeup forever lashes-14 go smile pear teeth whitner-8 *free hope in a jar sample longs was having a sale on makeup they do...
  2. NFTP

    Hello to all you beautiful people! :)

    hello there to all the lovely people that read this topic. i lurked for a day because when i was trying to register with my name i use all the time (notfromthisplanet) there were too may letters in the username. so, i finally decided to just use nftp. my name is jennifer. most people just...