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  1. chipmunkvoice

    MUFE Face & Body... shade number on bottle?

    Hello! I'm hoping someone could help me with working out my shade number as I bought my MUFE Face & Body a while ago and tossed the box before jotting down my shade. I have the old version bottle of MUFE Face & Body without the pump and on the bottom theres only a sticker that says: Ref...
  2. chipmunkvoice

    NW concealer for NC undereyes?

    Hi~ i was wondering if NW concealer would work better than NC concealer for my eye bags if i am usually a NC30? Since salmon-colored concealers are better at concealing the purpleness under the eyes... would buying a NW30 concealer instead of my usual work the same way? I've always purchased...
  3. chipmunkvoice

    Help! I'm shiny ... :(

    Can anyone please recommend me something to control oil/shine? No matter what i do, my face goes all shiny and gross. I've tried MAC Loose Blotting Powder which works better than Everyday Minerals Silk Dust for me... but after the first hour i start to get oily. I do use those blotting paper...
  4. chipmunkvoice

    what to use to apply Metal X.... ?

    Hi~ I dont usually buy cream eyeshadows but 6th Sin was just too gorgeous of a color to put down... so i bought it. I came home happy and all excited to try it but when i did... i had trouble applying it When i swipe it with my fingers, its a beautiful metallic green but I tried using an...
  5. chipmunkvoice

    Concealer to hide blemishes

    Hello I have been using Maybelline's pure stick concealer in Medium to hide and treat my blemishes coz it has salicylic acid... but its not great. It doesnt stay on for long and makes my blemishes sorta obvious. I have slightly-tan asian skin and i have skin that is prone to a having a few...
  6. chipmunkvoice

    Sensitive but strong Eye MakeUp Remover recs?

    Just wanted to ask for recommendations for a good eye makeup remover or any product that is reasonably priced and gets gel eyeliner off. As much as i LOVE Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner for its staying power... its so difficult to get off! So i'm wanting something thats strong enough to remove gel...