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  1. highonmac

    Che faro senza Euridice - First FOTD

    I am a history and humanities double major and I love greek myth, which is what the title is about. Eurydice was named after a beautiful girl, the lover of Orpheus who was trapped in the underworld. I love Nars for naming the products after great things! Hi guys, this is my first FOTD. I have...
  2. highonmac

    Youtube makeup Name

    Hi ladies. I have a youtube account and i decided to make youtube video's but the account name is my name. I want to change it so I am thinking of creating a new account with a catchy name I would love suggestions for some names relating makeup or beauty in general. Some ones I am liking and...
  3. highonmac

    HELP! My sister is being terribly abused!

    Hi Ladies. Sorry to burden you with this but I really need to talk to someone and get some advice. Before I go into detail lets explain the beginning. My sister and I are 7 years a part and have a very weird relationship but we usually don't get a long. From my perspective she has always been...
  4. highonmac

    Did the tests, but I still have pains down there?

    HI Ladies. I have been getting frequent pains down there for a while now and decided to ask the doctor for some help. She told me to do a blood test, vaginal ultrasound along with a pap test i do once a year. After 4 weeks of waiting everything was perfect and fine. I only had low iron. HOwever...
  5. highonmac

    Sumo Sale means Sumo Purchases, Need Help?

    Hey ladies. I really want to grab a few things from the sale but I think a few brushes would be the better investment. On my list I have the 249 252 190 138 I already have: 222 217 239 227 226 263 275 219 224 242 168 150 129 187 109 Should I add or take out anything? What do you think ladies?
  6. highonmac

    My Mom was Adopted.

    Hi guys. Sort of a random thread but I feel like I just want to ask you a quick question. My mother was adopted and never knew her past. I wonder if she is mixed with anything but I am not sure. Is there a way of finding out? I always wondered if I had a deeper background. Any help? She has not...
  7. highonmac

    What is your, "Omg! What was I thinking!?!" Look?

    Okay, so not everybody has good days right? So at some point you must have created a looked you thought was nice only to find out later that you made a terrible mistake. Especially if some one points it out. Example: I wore sketch one day in the crease (and some other color on the lid) the...
  8. highonmac

    My Stash, My Stash, My Stash, My Stash, My Lovely Lady Stash, Check it out!

    Hi Ladies. I finally decided to hop on the bandwagon and went a head an purchased the infamous MALM Dressing Table at Ikea. The Mirrors, the lights, and mostly everything is purchased from the store. The Table and my cute kitty...
  9. highonmac

    New to NARS Eyeshadow Singles

    Hi. I can to a point in my life that I am satisfied with the MAC eyeshadows I have and feel that I need to move on and venture out to some other brands. I heard great things about NARS single eyeshadows but I am not sure what to get. What are the must have shades! TIA
  10. highonmac

    HG FOUNDATION -What do you reccomend

    I just ran out of my current foundation (MUFE HD) and have tried MAC foundations prior to that. I like MUFE but I am still looking for the one! What are some great foundations (for ref. I am nc45 or mufe 173) that have great colour ranges, are prefferably oil free since my skin is acne prone and...
  11. highonmac

    Favourite Pink Nude for WOC

    Hi ladies, I am searching around for the perfect pinkie nude lip. What are some of your favourites!
  12. highonmac

    MUFE or NARS dupe for MAC Creme de Violet

    Creme de Violet is suchhhhh a pretty colour but the colour payoff is very hard to work with. I need to litterally rub the bristles of my brush vigouresly(sp?) into the pan to get some high pigmentation. In the end, its a big failure, however I want to find a better suitable replacement for this...
  13. highonmac

    Cobalt Shoes and Cream Dress: What Look?

    Hi Guys. I need serious help! I have a party to go to tommorow and I have no clue how to wear my makeup. I will drop by tomorrow to pick up a few things based on the recommendations you present to me if I do not have it. HELP! My Dress is a cream 60's/70's inspired dress. I bought it from...
  14. highonmac

    If you have 9 NARS Blushes, how much more can you really want!?!

    Hi. I am an NARS Blush addict as many are. So you must know that the madness does not end. Just when you think you have enough, YOU DON'T! So, I ask, what other colours should i, no MUST I get! I already have Gina Gilda Lovejoy Mata Hari Orgasm Deep Throat Sin Torrid Cactus Flower Care to ad...
  15. highonmac

    NARS Mediteranee Vs. NARS Taj Mahal

    Hi Guys. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the diffrence (or better swatches) of the orange side of the mediteranee duo and the blush, taj mahal. I have the duo, and I was wondering if it is necessary to get taj mahal? TIA
  16. highonmac

    Deep Throat or Luster?

    Hi Guys, Need you help so badly. I undestand it is more of a preference when choosing blushes, but I need to choose either one of those. I am an nc45 or mufe 173. I already have gina, gilda, torrid, orgasm, sin and mata hari. I want one that is less like the others. If possible swatches TIA!
  17. highonmac

    NARS Deep Throat or NARS Luster?

    Hi Guys. I am in the process of purchasing Nars Blushes. I need help choosing between the two. I am an NC45 and which do I get! I Don't won't to regret purchasing them so please help. For reference I have Sin Torrid Gina Gilda Matta Hari
  18. highonmac

    Crazy About Blush! Need more! Help?

    I am a newly converted (DEC) MAC blush fanatic! I want more! Lol. But I do need some help. I already gave two of my blushes too my older sister who is a couple of shades darker than me because of poor choosing abilities. When I am in a MAC store I often get totally convinced my the MA on blushes...
  19. highonmac

    Blush Help

    Hi, I am an NC45 and I need help choosing 3 blushes for my skin tone. I am hoping to have overall 2 plum colors, 2 pinks and 2 peaches. So I need two peaches and one pink blush. I already have pink swoon for reference. I was considering dollymix and peachykeen but im not sure how it would look...
  20. highonmac

    MAC E/S Recomendations

    Hi, i need help choosing the last few colors to complete two of my palletes and 1 extra color for another pallete. I am an NC45 and I need to determine the MUST HAVE colors basically universal against all skin tone, more so mine, but universal would be good. Okay, down with the shadows... I...