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    Celebratory Haulage.

    I landed the job I was going for! Yay! HK Too Dolly, Flaming Fuschia CCB, Fabulush CCB, Teddy Eye Kohl, Prunella Eye Kohl, Deep Blue Green pigment, Chocolate Brown pigment, Prep Prime Lip [2], Redd l/l, Burgundy l/l, Lady Danger l/s, Pinkarat lustre, Flashmode lustre, Venetian lustre.
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    LUSH Cosmetics - Do you have comments or advice?

    I have an interview at a LUSH Cosmetics store tomorrow afternoon, and I just wanted to see of there were any Specktrettes with experience working there or even just interviewing. Thanks in advance.
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    boring eotd, golds

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    Bright Lips for Brown Girls! EVERYONE is welcome to join!

    **** No use in having two of the same.
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    Valentine's Day - HK, Creem Team, Perm. line - haulage

    My husband ran me up a wall trying to get me to tell him what the receipt said, LOL He was like "I won't be mad! I promise! I just want to know". I told him and he hurled a few explicatives but then he smiled and said he was glad that I got some good stuff. I love you Thomas! Happy Valentine's...
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    You Know You're a Make Up Addict If/When...

    You know you're a make up addict when...your room looks like a tornado went through it, except for your make up area, which is so clean and orderly that it's almost ungodly. Who's next?! GO!
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    I'm a fiend.

    It makes me feel like this:
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    Cleaning make up on the carpet + other such dilemas.

    I did a search and I didn't find anything on tips for cleaning up make up mishaps. Right now, the section of carpet in my bedroom where my make up area is looks like it has a disease. There are spots from eye liner and lip liner. I sometimes drop pencil shavings when I'm sharpening a pencil or...
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    Pictureless FOTD - 1/18/09

    MAC Steamy e/s duct and inner lid MAC Club e/s blended from Steamy to outer lid MAC Romp e/s blended from outer lid to 3/4 into crease MAC Arena e/s brow bone MAC Rice Paper e/s high light MAC Big Baby l/s Too Faced Lash Injection mascara
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    Shady...or business savvy...?

    Does anyone else find it extremely "odd" that M.A.C. waited until 2 weeks after Christmas to have the Friends and Family sale...knowing damn well that we've all already gone and spent those gift cards and money from relatives...or how the Friends and Family Sale only lasts two days...and then...
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    Xmas - New Year Haulage!

    I don't have pictures just yet, but I did some awesome online hauling. Today, I received: Romp e.s Patina e.s Folie e.s Motif e.s Crystal e.s Steamy e.s #219 Brush Peach Twist Blush Studio Stick NW45 Rapid Black Penultimate e.l Chill Hot Frost l.g Dame Edna Ice Scape l.g Chill Frozen...
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    Xmas - New Year Haulage!

    ****Double Post, Pardon Me!****
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    Trouble with my liner.

    Hey ladies and gents. I need some help because I'm having major troubles with my eye liner. I have what you call "hooded" lids, as in the skin over my brow bone sort of hangs over my lid when my face relaxes. Because of this, I always get a line of eye liner in the middle of my shadow :'( It...
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    While hubby is away, wifey will CHARGE IT!

    My husband left on Monday for a week long business trip, and he said I could ease the pain by hauling ass Small sharpener #182 #239 Matte gel Select Moisture Cover Concealer Feline Kohl Power Liner (one for use and one NIB for back up) Bamboo e/s Sumptuous Olive e/s Love Nectar Lustreglass
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    M.A.C. Matte [matte-fying cream]

    I'm doing a haul online right now and I was thinking about picking up the matte gel. I have some issues with shininess on my T-zone. Does anyone use this? What are your thoughts/reviews? Thanks in advance my lovelies.
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    HELP Please! --- Kid e/s

    Hey ya'll. I need help! I just bought Kid eye shadow, and while trying to depot it, IT BROKE! The shadow itself is completely shattered. I am going to try to repress it, so my predicament/question is: I don't have any alcohol [which is normally used], does anyone know of anything else I...
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    Question about MAC foundations and switching colors.

    Hey Spektrettes. I'm seeking some opinions and recommendations for a foundation dilemma. As you all know, it's about to get really freaking hot and sunny [for a lot of people it probably already is], so I'm wondering what I should do about foundation. I'm going to need a new one soon. I am...
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    My First EOTD/FOTD; Purples and Pinks

    This is my first eotd/fotd post on Specktra! I used: Arena [high light] Falling Star [inner corner] Star Violet [center lid] Nocturnelle [outer corner] Beauty Marked [outer corner, bottom liner, crease] Carbon [crease and liner] Blacktrack Fluidline [liner] Thank you for looking!