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  1. TwiggyPop

    All Things Ulta

    Post here about new items, exclusives, codes, double/triple points, sales, GWP, hauls or if you have a question about something. Right now its double points, triple points for platinum members. The 21st is the last day.
  2. TwiggyPop

    What's in a name?

    I was talking to Kristen (@stormborn) yesterday and I asked her what her daughters names are, then felt terrible that I didn't already know that. We're all so used to talking about makeup and skincare in the cosmetics discussion that we really don't know much about each other besides our makeup...
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    Sleek makeup liquid lipstick

    Has anyone tried the Matte Me liquid lipsticks? Do they have the same staying power as LA Splash? There is a certain color I want, but it doesn't look like they have it in LA Splash.
  4. TwiggyPop

    My first haul thread in about 7 years.

    I was on hiatus for a long time, but the Cinderella collection was like a kick start to my addiction. I relapsed hard core, haha. I was so upset that I was only able to get my hands on Glass Slipper that I just ordered whatever I could to make myself feel better. There is a Sephora contour...
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    Shattered! Unfortunately I'm not talking about the color

    I was depotting my eyeshadows and when I finally got to the last one it shattered in my hands, on my shirt and on my couch. Matte shadows are a pain in the arse! R.I.P. Electric, my poor shadow. I know I didn't use you much yet, but I loved you dearly.
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    T-mobile or Verizon?

    Does anybody have either of these cell phone providers? I have AT&T now and I hate it!! It says fewest dropped ASS!! It drops 8 out of 10 calls and I'm always breaking my phones because when I'm on an important call and it keeps getting dropped I get pissed and throw my phone. I...
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    Last year in my 20's, go out with a bang!

    So I just celebrated my 29th birthday and I had to go all out. My friend took me to get a new dress, a ring to match and a pimp cup that said "birthday bitch" haha. 4 of us went to Mortons for dinner then off to Altar bar where we got the VIP room and a bunch more friends showed up. I was in the...
  8. TwiggyPop

    I finally got some good news!!!!

    I was so depressed for a while because they weren't able to keep me on at Sephora after the holidays that I was barely even able to make it out of bed most days. Knowing how bad the economy is I felt like searching for a job was hopeless so I almost didn't even want to try. Well today I got a...
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    I can't even breathe anymore

    So with all the things I've been going through in the past two weeks I seriously can't even catch my breath anymore. So I had the perfect man ( you can see him in the couples thread ), the perfect job, the perfect house ( I've been living here since before my man ) and the perfect friends. Even...
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    I give up
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    My latest haul!

    I got some really good stuff in the past week and wanted to share. Everything from the first picture is from Sephora and obviously the second picture is MAC stuff. Top left is the Too Faced World Domination Tour kit, over to the right is the DuWop Payoff, DuWop tinted bronzing moisturizer...
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    The Dior model

    Maybe this should be an industry discussion thread even though it's not necessarily about work. Feel free to move if you'd like. I was working at Sephora today and all of sudden a painfully beautiful man ends up right in front of me, it took me a second to catch my breath. Then my manager comes...
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    Wish me luck!!!

    I had an interview at Sephora today and I'm really really hoping they call me back! I need this job like you would not believe, I can't keep doing what I've been doing, it's killing me. I think my interview went well, they seemed to like my answers, especially where they asked of a situation...
  14. TwiggyPop

    How many years of experience?

    How many years of retail experience do they expect from someone to hire them at MAC? I just applied there and really hope I can get the job. She said she'd call me monday or tuesday, but I'm really nervous that they won't take me seriously. I tend to have that problem a lot, but I explained to...
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    Susies FOTN

    A girl I work with always wants me to do her make up, she said she doesn't feel hot unless I fix her up. Last night she wanted a Pam Anderson inspired look, blacked out eyes and overdone lips. Face: Revlon Colorstay foundation Maybelline Powder Revlon Golden Affair blush in Rose Rapture (I...
  16. TwiggyPop

    Twisted Wonderland shoot

    I did a photo shoot back in March of a Alice in Wonderland/Clockwork Orange on acid kind of idea. Actually the story was written by a drug addict anyway, but this is a little more twisted. I was the March Hare so we put my platinum blonde mohawk up in what looked like bunny ears, haha. This was...
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    How would you handle it?

    I was reading the thread "My obsession is _____ and my S.O.'s obsession is _____" and I noticed that a lot of people said that their S.O.'s obsession was video games. I have a question for you. Lets say you were gone for a week and your S.O. knew you had a bad week. When you finally get to his...
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    What's her breed?

    I'm looking to get a kitten very soon and so I've been searching different breeds on the internet to find out which kind suits my personality the best, but I keep seeing these adorable kittens and can't figure out what they are. One person told me one thing and then I heard something different...
  20. TwiggyPop

    Am I asking too much?

    The next time I head to MAC I planned on buying about $150 worth of stuff, but wanted a few samples as well. Would asking for a sample of foundation and 2 of the piggies be too much? I don't want them to think I'm just trying to get a bunch of free stuff. I do plan on buying a foundation if it...