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  1. Onederland

    I don't even remember why i bought these...haul.

    MSF N - Medium Dark MSF N - Deep Dark [for contouring] MSF - Shooting Star 182 187
  2. Onederland

    Like A Virgin!

    hello everyone, i'm not dead...yet. i miss you all. I should be around here more often because now its summmmmeerrr. this is what i did today. i was inspired by the "Paper Cut Bride" on the MAC website. USED: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation - Sunset Beige Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick -...
  3. Onederland

    everytime we touch...

    you can't really see it, but the ribbon is the Louis Vuitton ribbon that comes on the gift packaging for christmas. and has this really pretty holographic star print on it, and the stars on my face were supposed to be the LV stars. yeah, whatever, i still like the picture though. i know its...
  4. Onederland

    please don't say you're sorry..

    i've been listening to madonna's confessions on a dancefloor all day and got the song SORRY stuck in my head, and was inspired. yeah the usual Armani LSF, powder, concealer. As for everything else? just the pure white paint stick, and nars cream eyeshadow in zardoz.
  5. Onederland

    Clear Lipgloss?

    What's a good clear lipgloss? I know there are so many! High end recs please! i was thinking about the NARS Triple X or Chanel Cristalle Gloss in Ice.
  6. Onederland

    I'm blue, dah bah dee dah bah die!

    So im sorry i didn't get on this earlier. Last week was my homecoming, and of course, Spirit Week is right before it. This was CLASS COLOR DAY [it was also the POWDER-PUFF GAME, which is why my friend is all army-ed up], and needless to say, my class color is blue. [GO JUNE-YUHZ!]. My friend is...
  7. Onederland

    Oh My! Starryed Eyed Surprise!

    i decided i wanted new MySpace pictures. haha. so i did some makeup. TEMPT ME/TEASE ME inspired with all the ribbons. and heres the photoshopped version.
  8. Onederland

    Acne Spot Treatments?

    im running out of my Perricone Gel Cream. And im wondering if there is anything out there that is really strong stuff, that would get rid of zits, FASTTTT. Any recs? Please and thank you!
  9. Onederland

    When I have a brand new hair-do...i enjoy being a girl!

    Hahaha so its not me. But today I did some make-up on my sister. But it is to match her own Dior bag, which was part of the Girly Collection. And thats it all photoshopped. Hahahaha... <33
  10. Onederland

    Dior Addict 2

    I WANT THIS ONE SOOO BADLY!!! Does anyone else love it?
  11. Onederland

    "Candlelight" Glow

    whats the best product to give you such a glow?
  12. Onederland

    Skin Lighteners

    I need recommendations for a good skin lightener, ahhh. I hardly ever get zits, but when I do they're BAD. And they leave a mark. They slowly fade, to the point where I can cover them with my concealer. But there this BAD one. So I need a good skin lightener to help it. Please and Thank You!
  13. Onederland

    Dior Runway Lips.

    What colors would you think those are on her lips? Im especially intrested in the gold. It seems to be a cream of somesorts. I love these lips, and desperate to recreate them. and just because...LOOK MAC!!!
  14. Onederland

    Becca Cosmetics

    Anyone try their creme blushes? What'd y'all think? I like their loose powder and tinted moisturizer, but over all some of their products are expensive. I love the concealer, but at 33 bucks? about not. Anyways, i was looking into their creme blushes, since it was featured in...
  15. Onederland

    What's in your purse/bag right now?

    So I wanted to know what everyone has on them at every moment. So tell me! Powder? Lipstick? Lip Balm? Eyeshadow?!?!?!!! Now im not talking about EVERYTHING in your purse, just cosmetics.
  16. Onederland

    Travel Powder Brushes!

    Whats your favorite travel powder brush? I am in search of one, and I want your opinions!
  17. Onederland

    Platinum Bronze?!

    I saw this on Livejournal. Hmm...anyone know anything about this?
  18. Onederland

    It well may be, that we may never meet again....

    A few pictures from the Seniors Honors Assembly thing, which in the morning we had Yearbook Signing!!! Hehehe... I loved my year book. I was on the front page. Hahaha. It was kinda sad, because it was the last official day we all get to see each other. Since all next week is finals, and were...
  19. Onederland

    Lady Sol//Sunshrine

    Hahaha with all the Belle Zure topics running around, I thought I'd start one about the OTHER lines that were released. Has anyone tried these products? Im dying to try the SKINSHIMMER. Didn't they release this product a while ago for Tantress? I didnt really pay much attention to MAC at the...
  20. Onederland

    Bumble and Bumble//Hairspray

    I love this brand. I already have thier pastes/waxes/gels. But im wondering about gloss and hairspray. Have any of y'alls used it? The pastes and waxes are alright when I have super short hair, or need help with a faux hawk. BUT For everyday style, I usually have my hair just kinda...