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  1. Babylard 18 piece brush set - anyone tried it?

    Hi everyone, there is a deal on teambuy for this brush set on fem attraction. The deal is quite good, but I am wondering about the quality of the brushes. I cannot find any...
  2. Babylard

    My Boyfriend, best friend, and future husband passed away

    I am so broken as a person. My boyfriend of 3 years recently passed away with leukemia. It was sudden, because we never knew he had such a thing. After the January-April semester ended, he left Winnipeg for Vancouver on Vacation. He then went to Taiwan. While he was in Taiwan, he started...
  3. Babylard

    How to clean White Leather?

    Hi everyone! My bf bought a very expensive Afliction white leather jacket and we have no idea how to clean it! It's looking very dirty (such as grey discolorations) and we tried using the Danier leather kit, but that didn't really do anything I've searched on the net for some answers and I...
  4. Babylard

    Blonde Hair and Asian People

    I've been considering changing my hair color once again. I've done my black hair to red and then back to brown and now I am thinking of blonde. I've had blonde hair before and I liked it. So I went to search up some hairstyles/colors of blonde haired asian girls and I stumbled on a lot of forums...
  5. Babylard

    Aion Online Canada/US - Any Players???

    Hi, I figured I'd take a long shot and ask you guys if any of you are going to be playing Aion when it opens in late September? Home | Aion™ Fantasy MMORPG Please let me know if you are! lol.
  6. Babylard

    One Off Starflash FOTD

    Hello! I went shopping with my boyfriend today and I did a green look to match my clothes. These were taken at the end of the day so it's not so fresh looking and the lip color is half eaten off. I also dyed my hair red, but it faded. My boyfriend was nice enough to lend me his camera. This...
  7. Babylard

    Coral Lipsticks: Blow Dry vs. Costa Chic

    I need some help picking out a light coral lipstick for pigmented lips. I own ravishing and vegas volt and i need a lighter shade in this family of lipsticks. i recently dyed my hair bright red and corals are very flattering, but I have not seen blow dry or costa chic in real life. they dont...
  8. Babylard

    I almost died from heart failure

    Hey everyone, its been a long time since i've been on specktra. i miss all of you guys and specktra. Here's what happened to me I was suppose to be vacationing in vancouver for 2 weeks, but i got very very sick. It started out with a headache. The next day I was vomiting. The next day I...
  9. Babylard

    First FOTD + New Hair

    I posted these on asianbeautyblog and i figured why not put them here as well. i am super lazy and nevr really post fotds. i took a lot of effort into doing this look, because i thought my roomate was gonna go take me out for drinks and desserts. instead, i got all sexed up to go to safeway...
  10. Babylard

    What to expect from a MAC makeover?

    Hi, sorry if there is already a thread on this. I just couldn't find it. I've never had a MAC makeover before and I've never really had anyone test products on me... except once when I was in highschool (it didn't turn out that great...) All I've ever done at the MAC counter was swatch stuff...
  11. Babylard

    Winnipeg, MB anyone?

    wow... the canadian section is seriously lonely. i guess i'll make the first move! anybody in the Winnipeg area wanna hang out with a 5'1 asian girl age 19 who is new to town? lol i've only been to polo park a few times, the st. vital MAC once yesterday and the downtown MAC once for Fafi...
  12. Babylard

    Solutions for SUPER pigmented lips please!

    So I was at school with parrot eyes and walking home. I overheard these 2 snobs saying how I look like a total whore because I had "Bold eyes with bold lips... what a trashy look." I don't take it personally because these girls were bare-faced. Uhh... I had 3N lipstick + 2N lipglass... I...
  13. Babylard

    Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song 2 - Its a great song!

    I think this video is worthy of sharing! Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song 2 - Jon Lajoie Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song 2♥Video My friend just showed this video to me and I found it halarious, yet a good song worthy of downloading from Limewire lol. I love the background guitar hook! My...
  14. Babylard

    Am I Anti-social? I'm friendless!

    I broke up with my boyfriend quite some time ago and we don't have a real friendship. I soon realized that I'm such a loner lol. He was the only person I really hung out with. I have a tendency to cling to 1 or 2 people, not a crowd. I moved to Winnipeg in Augest and I'm at a new school, U...
  15. Babylard

    Total Lunar Eclipse - Feb. 20, 2008

    This is the first time I've been able to see the moon turn a blood red. Winnipeg had perfectly clear skies tonight and I was also able to see a tiny sparkle that was Saturn. I'm glad I didn't have to go outside because it is almost -30*C. I get a perfect view from my bedroom window...
  16. Babylard

    Holiday 2007 Eye Palettes Dilemma

    Okay, so I just got into MAC not too long ago and at first I wasn't very interested in the holday 07 palettes, but now I am lemming to get one or two. I have not seem them in real life. I really like the smokey palette. I like how there are light shades of grey which I do not have. I only...
  17. Babylard

    Sleep and headache issues

    Hello, my name is Anna and I am 19. I am a student and my sleep problems are getting in the way of my attendence, concentration and study. I suppose I can call this, short term insomnia as lack of sleep is affecting my performance. So my problem is like this: I have problems falling asleep...
  18. Babylard

    From Canada, Happy New Years Everyone!

    Hello everybody, I'm Anna from Winnipeg, MB/Vancouver, BC, Canada! I'm fairly new to Specktra and I love it here. I appologize to the admins if I do something wrong like posting stupid stuff <3 I wish everyone a Happy New Year and that everyone is able to acheive their goals for the new...
  19. Babylard

    Originals Collection: The Return of Parrot E/S

    Did you guys know that Parrot is being put back on the shelves? M·A·C Cosmetics | Originals
  20. Babylard

    Bare Minerals Vs. Sheer Cover: I Use Sheer Cover, but how does it compare ti B.E. ?

    Hello everyone, I'm surprised that I could not find a thread like this (unless there are please point me there!). I've been a Sheer Cover user for a few months now. I like it a lot, because it does not clog my pores and angers my skin like most foundations do. I cannot wear liquids and that...