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    MUFE Haul

    Nice! I wanna try that as well!
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    Are multi-vitamins enough?

    No interactions were found between multivitamin and vitamin c.. If the former does not have any vit.c, best to take it separately.
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2022

    Hey, I loved this! I am currently practicing mindful make up buys. I focus now more on cleansers, skin vitamins. I cut back on lippies and blushes where most of my make up budget goes. And these days, I'm usually just at home, so I don't wear that much make up anyway :)
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    MAC Holiday gift sets

    Have you checked out it's best for giveaway to your friends and family this holiday season.
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    I grew up listening to Mariah and she's iconic, my mom is a fan of hers and that makes me a fan too, I'm ecstatic to try out her products I'm pretty sure my mom would be so happy receiving this for Christmas.
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    What is your favorite color for concealers?

    I'd choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than my original skin tone
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    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    Definitely Smashbox is the way to go!
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    How many foundations do you own?

    Foundations: 3 Tinted moisturizer: 1 Concealers: 2 Powders: 2 I try to keep it minimal and just something that I would really use on a daily and for bigger events. I've come to realize over the years that hoarding lots of make-up products would be a waste of money since you only use 1 on a...
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    How to a makeup tutorial as a beginner?

    You can search for youtube videoes about makeup tutorial and when you get the hang of it you'll be able to adjust your makeup according to your liking.
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    Westman Atelier

    I haven't tried any of their new products but I'm ecstatic
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    Forehead Wrinkles UGGHHHHHHH

    yes, without botox or other neurotoxins it's literally impossible to do anything about those pesky lines. creams do help to a certain degree, but there's a limit. they are still important in your day to day care, but they can't replace botox for sure
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    Botox for a lip flip?

    lip flip works sometimes, but sometimes doesn't. I've tried it myself four times, and sometimes I get good results, but sometimes they are very subtle. It depends on the anatomy of the lip itself and how strong the muscles are
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    at home I would only recommend retinoic acid containing products for wrinkle prevention. the other stuff doesn't really work. it will only hydrate, but nothing else